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  • Lynda Colgan

    Lynda Colgan has been awarded the 2020 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Science Promotion Award for individual achievement. Congratulations!

  • artwork of a spinning top and artwork of waves faces and birds

    The Studio Gallery is pleased to announce our virtual gallery with two exhibitions currently open.

  • We have added a Anti-Racism & Diversity section to our Teaching Resources with book recommendations, lesson plans, and resources.

  • Zoom Meeting, Popular Podagogy

    Teaching, Learning, and Learning to Teach During a Pandemic- Episode 15 of Popular Podagogy is out now.

  • Lindsay Morcom Popular Podagogy

    Episode 14 of Popular Podagogy, "Celebrating Indigenous Languages" featuring Lindsay Morcom, is available now.

Episode 16: Courageous Conversations

Teacher candidates joined us to discuss best practices for having courageous conversations in the classroom. In this episode, these insightful educators offer advice on how to create a brave space for students, navigate discomfort (and why discomfort is good), and how to give students of all ages skills to think critically and express themselves in productive ways.

Episode 16: Courageous Conversations

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Student Experiences

ATEP Gave me an Environment Where I Felt Safe, Cared for, and Supported.

Student Experiences: Liv Rondeau

The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) at Queen’s University Faculty of Education is more than a program, it is a community. It is a community where you can feel comfortable to express your identity and be proud of who you are.

From EA to Teacher After 15 years. This is Glenda’s Story

Student Experiences: Glenda Pinault

Glenda Pinault is not a crier, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. The recent B.Ed. graduate insists that the moment, captured so beautifully, was uncharacteristic. However, in telling the story of how she came to be on that stage, a theme of tears quietly emerges.

B.Ed. Student Changes The World One Beeswax Wrap at Time

ConEd Student Helps Kids Feel the Music

Megan Tucker shares her amazing alt-prac experience in Uganda; inspired by this, she decided to continue giving back by creating Meg's Beeswax Wraps. Now, she’s able to support the environment and her adopted community at the same time.

Alumna Brings her Teaching Skills to a Career in Medicine and Research

Alumna brings her teaching skills to a career in medicine and research

Because of Hannah’s hope to one day see her research through to clinical trials and patient care, her supervisor alerted her to the highly competitive MD/PhD program here at Queen’s. How did this impact her life and story?