Personal Counsellors

Some reasons why people seek counselling include:

  • Abuse and assault issues
  • Academic engagement or direction
  • Substance use
  • Anxiety and mood problems(e.g. depression, suicidal thoughts)
  • Coping with grief or loss
  • Relationships (family, romantic, platonic)
  • Eating/body image difficulties
  • Self-harm
  • Homesickness/loneliness
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Gender expression 
  • Gender identity
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Stress
  • Transition to university
  • Social functioning
  • Dealing with racism

About the Counsellors

The Educational counsellors view counselling as an individual’s opportunity for personal growth. They believe those seeking counselling are the experts of their own lives and they merely act as a neutral third party, without judgement, to be a sounding board or a cheerleader. Together both parties can put the puzzle pieces together to make sense of issues and/or questions and move forward. 


For Appointments and Information

To schedule a same day appointment, please contact Student Wellness Services at 613-533-2506 and request an appointment with an Education counsellor.


Counselling Services are available Wednesday through Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm

If you are in crisis and it is after hours, please visit the Get Help Now page on the Student Wellness Services Website.

For additional information regarding resources related to Counselling, Health and Accessibility Services at Queen’s visit the Student Wellness Services website.

Other Resources

Multifaith Chaplain

Faith and Spiritual Life offers multi-faith, non-judgmental support for religious, spiritual, personal, and financial problems, concerns or crises. As part of Student Affairs, Faith and Spiritual Life strives to facilitate a welcoming, peaceful, and safe space. Chaplains can also provide support, ceremonial services, interfaith community development and spiritual support to students, faculty, and staff.

We are faith-positive, spirituality-positive, and queer-positive. We respect and advocate for both freedom of, and freedom from, religion. 

Student life at university is full of opportunities for personal growth both inside and outside the classroom. But there are times when students feel the need for support:

  • In times of loneliness or personal need, perhaps due to anxiety, depression or financial problems
  • In times of change, as you prepare for marriage or decide a career
  • In times of crisis, such as death, accident or serious illness

Chaplains are here to support you:

  • Journeying with students of any/every identification through questions of meaning, purpose, and morality
  • Supporting Religious Accommodation for academic requirements
  • Building and maintaining prayer and reflection spaces on campus, including the campus chapel in Theological Hall
  • Providing meaningful ceremonies for special events in the life of the campus community
  • Providing emergency food access through Swipe it Forward Queen's
  • Supporting dialogue across religious and other differences in the campus community
  • Liaising with local churches and faith communities 
  • Referring students to other services and programs on campus and in the community

Faith and Spiritual Life at Queen's

Wellness Groups at SWS

We offer a number of multi-session groups and one-time sessions for students only.  We also have a number of different trainings designed to help students, faculty and staff support people experiencing mental health problems. For more information visit the Student Wellness Services Groups, Events & Trainings website.

Empower Me

Empower Me is a 24/7 phone service for crisis situations and scheduled sessions that allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues.