Room Reservations

Internal Bookings 

  • Meeting/Conference Rooms: The Vernon Ready Room (A115), the Mezzanine Conference Room (B245h), and B175 (6-8 person meeting room) can be booked using Outlook Calendar. See below for instructions.*
  • Office Spaces: A few small office spaces are available for staff, faculty, and students to book in B-Wing using the "Education Technology and Facility Services Booking Form" on this page.
  • Other Room Bookings: Can be made via the Room Booking Form on this page.
  • Library Study Rooms: Bookings can be made here.
  • Need a fob or key? Click the Room Booking Form on this page.
  • Classrooms for scheduled courses, including computer labs (B217, B307) are booked by Student Services.
  • For room numbers and locations, please consult the Duncan McArthur Hall map.


Room Name Type Meeting Capacity Max Hoteling Capacity Max Equipment
B163 Parental Room Hoteling    
B164   Hoteling 6 2  
B167   Hoteling 6 2 2 monitors and a docking station
B174 Chaplain's Office Hoteling 6 2  
B175   Meeting 8   TV

Add a room to an event booking

  1. Double-click the date and time on which you want to make a booking.
  2. Enter the Subject and Start time/End time in the window that appears. 
  3. Add the room you want to the Search for a room or location. You can search for it using the room number. It will show available or busy depending on its status. 
  4. Select the people to be invited in Add attendees
  5. Add any other meeting details. 
  6. Click send. 

Extra Details and Cautions

  • Review the Duncan McArthur Hall Floor plan for the room location. 
  • All day events and recurring meetings are known to cause issues with Outlook bookings. Please avoid using these types of meetings. 
  • Rooms appear in Outlook at EDUC *room number.* Rooms will only show up in the search if you use the room number. 

External Bookings

Non-academic and ad hoc bookings and events (external to Education)

To rent the Duncan McArthur Hall gymnasium for activities external to the Faculty of Education please book through Queen’s University Athletics & Recreation. For all other external bookings, organizations outside of Queen's should contact