Research Groups

The Faculty of Education is a collaborative research community. The research activities of our faculty, research groups, and the engagement of our graduate students are critical to our success. Our current research groups are:

Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG)

The Assessment and Evaluation Group is a team of faculty members and graduate students who engage in collaborative research in assessment and evaluation.

AEG Webpage

Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Group (MSTE)

The Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Group is a team dedicated to improving teaching and learning in the mathematics, science and technology fields in schools and in teacher education.

MSTE Webpage

Social Healing and Reconciliatory Education (SHARE)

SHARE was established to bring together scholars in social justice, Indigenous education, and curriculum studies to develop projects that critically examine historical practices in education that are exclusionary and to recommend and develop pedagogies of reconciliation.

SHARE webpage

Theory and History of Education International Research (THEIR)

The Theory and History of Education International Research group's goal is to conduct interdisciplinary research in History and Philosophy of Education.

THEIRG webpage