Program Tracks

There are two ways to specialize in a particular topic in our on-campus consecutive education program: one is through our concentration program and one is through our program tracks.

All of our teacher candidates pick a concentration that helps them develop their professional interests. A concentration comprises two complementary courses: an Educational Studies (EDST) course and a Focus (FOCI) course. As well, the 3-week alternative practicum is an experience that is directly related to the area, and is approved by the FOCI instructor. You pick a concentration after you begin the program. Find out more about the concentrations.

Program tracks, on the other hand, are something that not all students take part in. Those interested in our consecutive program can apply to take part in the tracks listed below. If you are in a program track, that is also your concentration. In addition to having the EDST and FOCI classes with the same cohort of students, there are also other benefits of the tracks. For example, the Outdoor & Experiential Education (OEE) track has program orientation and field camp held in late August every year. The Artists in Community Education program track features special events and extracurriculars. Find out about our Program Tracks below:

Program Tracks

Artist in Community Education

Artist in Community Education (ACE) is designed for practicing artists in visual art, music, drama, dance, film, creative writing, mixed media, and all other art forms, and explores the positive role that artists and the arts play in our schools, our communities, and our society. 

More about ACE

Indigenous Teacher Education

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) provides an opportunity for teacher candidates to specialize in Indigenous education through Indigenous-specific programming, application of Indigenous perspectives and world view to theory and practice.

Find out more about ITEP

Outdoor & Experiential Education

Outdoor & Experiential Education (OEE) is designed to introduce teacher candidates to a wide variety of ways environmental and experiential programs can be offered in school and community-based settings.

More about OEE

Primary-Junior French as a Second Language

Primary-Junior French as a Second Language (PJ FSL) is designed for teacher candidates that are interested in teaching French (Immersion, Core, or Extended).

Find out more about PJ FSL