Hire our Graduates

Our Education Student Services team is here to help you recruit our teacher candidates (students), whether you are looking to post a job or promote your school/organization on our campus. We invite you to recruit throughout the year with many opportunities to connect with our teacher candidates in our Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Education (BEd/DipEd) programs.

Our BEd/DipEd programs run over a 16-month period, from May to the following August. Typically, we will have 400-500 teacher candidates in the following areas: Primary & Junior (grades JK-6, some with French as a Second Language certification); Intermediate & Senior (grades 7-12: each teacher candidate will be certified in two teaching subjects, some with French); and Technological Education. We also have talented MEd and PhD students who may be of interest to you.

We offer you the following options for recruiting with us:

Posting a Job

If you would like to advertise a job position to current teacher candidates and recent alumni – whether it be a teaching or teaching-related position – please contact us at ed.careers@queensu.ca

Book a Recruiting Session

We offer in-person and virtual recruiting options for you to connect with our teacher candidates for a fee. Our team will support with event booking, marketing to our students, and during-event support. Please contact us at ed.careers@queensu.ca for more information.

Fee for a Pop-Up Booth $150.00

Information/ Recruiting Session $150.00

Booth + Session $200.00

Career Fair

Options Career Fair

At Options, you will be able to set up display booth and hold a presentation to promote your school or organization, and to advertise your job opportunities to our BEd/DipEd candidates and graduate students. If you would like to attend the annual event held in January, please contact: ed.careers@queensu.ca

Options Career Fair

International Schools

Queen's partners with international schools to offer international practicum and future overseas career opportunities to students. International schools looking to hire our Queen's students are invited to contact us (ed.careers@queensu.ca) to discuss a partnership with Queen's. For partners, please book your recruiting or post your vacancy as described on this page. 

Note: Starting in 2022, our annual TORF is being merged with the Options Career Fair, offered only to Queen's students, and will no longer be hosted.

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