Indigenous Relations - Tsi na’tehón:tere ne Onkwehón:we

The Faculty of Education strives to create a welcoming community for our Indigenous students, faculty, and staff. Our Elder-in-Residence, Deb St. Amant, provides support to our students in the WISE, ITEP, and ITEP Community-Based programs. Our Faculty works closely with Imagine a Canada, an initiative of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR), to support Ontario students, teachers, schools, and boards with Imagine a Canada projects, and we offer ongoing workshops on Indigenous knowledge for our community.


Ne shakotirihonnién:ni ronahskéhnhen ahonnón:ni ne tahonwatinonhwerá:ton tsi enhón:newe ne Onkwehón:we ronteweienstà:ne, shakotirihonnién:ni tánon ne rotiió’te. Ontionkwé:ta Tiakaonkwe’tá:ion ken’iakoióte, Deb St. Amant ronwatiienawá:se ne ronteweiénstha ne WISE, ITEP, tánon ne ITEP kanakerahserákon ronterihwahtentiátha. Ne shakotirihonnién:ni ákta tsi skátne tsi rotiió’te ne Imagine a Canada, né ne National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) ronwanaten’nikonhrá:wis ne “Orihwí:io tánon Aonsaioiáneren’ne”, ahonwatiié:nawa’se ne Ontario ratí:teron ronteweiénstha, shakotirihonnién:ni, ionterihwaienstahkhwaniónkhwa tánon ne thonatahshá:ronte ne Imagine a Canada tsi nihatiiérha, tánon iakwá:tats ne aiakhirihón:nien ne Onkwehón:we rotiweientehtá:on ne onkwanakerahserá:kon aorihwá:ke.

Colourful illustration with the shape of a wolf and a feather outlined in black by Portia Chapman.



Our Elder-in-Residence supports Indigenous students in our Indigenous Education programs. Deb St. Amant (Bezhig Waabshke Ma’iingan Gewetigaabo) is here to offer culture-based counselling and guidance to ensure that our students have the necessary support to reach their educational goals.


Ontionkwé:ta Tiakaonkwe’tá:ion ken’ iakoióte ronwatiienawá:se ne Onkwehón:we ronteweiénstha ne “Indigenous Education Programs”. Deb St. Amant (Bezhig Waabshke Ma’iingan Gewetigaabo) ken í:iens né:ne tsi niionkwarihó:ten teieiéstha tsi ronwatithará:ni tánon ronwanaten’nikonhrá:wis orihwí:io aón:ton ne ronteweiénstha ahotiié:nawa’se ia’tahonnó:hetste tsi enhonteweiénste.


Colourful illustration of shapes with black outlines by Portia Chapman


Indigenous Resources

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) Office provides administrative, academic, and cultural support for our ITEP campus and community-based teacher candidates, Faculty of Education students, faculty and staff, and the greater Queen's and Kingston community.


Ne IndigenousTeacher Education Program (ITEP) Ratihiatónhkhwa rotí:ien ne ohén:ton iehón:nete, aionteweiénste, tánon ashakotiié:nawa’se ne tsi niionkwarihó:ten ne ITEP nón:we, tánon kanakerahserákon tsi ní:ioht tsi ahsherihón:nien. Tsi nón:we ne shakotirihonnién:ni, ronteweiénstha oiáshon nahò:ten shakotirihonnién:ni tánon ne rotiio’té:nion ó:ni ne Queen’s tánon ne tsi kaná:taien ne Kingston.

"Væsko [bags/purses], Sandra Nystø Ráhka & Avve [woven belt], Susanna Knutsen"

Indigenzation, Inclusion, and Equity Series

The Faculty of Education is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive community. To support our mission of developing progressive, ethical, competent, and thoughtful leaders in education, we established the Indigenization, Inclusion and Equity Series (IIE).


Tsi nón:we ne Shakotirihonnién:ni ne Iaonsahonwatirihón:nien iorharátston ahotiién:take ne ashakotihón:karon ne akwé:kon onhka í:ienhre. Aioié:nawa’se tsi nahò:ten ionkwaio’tátie ne sénha aioiá:neren’ne, tkaié:ri tsi ahontoriá:neron, ahotikwé:nion tánon thotirihwaié:ri ohén:ton ia’tahatí:ta’ne ne aionteweienste. Ne ki’ waatión:ni ne Indigeneity, Inclusion, and Equity Series (IIE).

Indigenous Education Programs

Indigenous Teacher Education Program

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) provides an opportunity for teacher candidates to specialize in Indigenous education through Indigenous-specific programming and application of Indigenous perspectives and worldview to theory and practice.

Ne Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) tewatká:was aiakote’shén:non ne shakotirihonnién:ni ne Onkwehonwehnéha tsi ní:ioht tsi ahonwatirihón:nien, tsi ki’ ní:ioht tsi rontkáthos ne tsi iohontsá:te tánon tsi ní:ioht nen’né:e’ ne ronnónha ronnonhtón:nions tánon tsi nihatiiérha.

Indigenous Teacher Education Program

Indigenous Teacher Education Program (Community-Based)

The Community-Based Program provides an opportunity to specialize in Indigenous education and attend classes at Queen's University for one summer session and in Manitoulin Island for the remainder of the program.


Ne Kanakerahserá:kon tsi ní:ioht tsi enhonwatirihón:nien iakote’shenná:wis ne Onkwehonwehnéha tsi ní:ioht tsi ahonteweiénste, sewakenhnha Queen’s University enhonteweiénste sok Manitoulin Island nienshón:ne tsi niió:re ienwatéhsa ahonteweiénste.

Indigenous Teacher Education Program (Community-Based)

Master of Education in World Indigenous Studies in Education

WISE (MEd in World Indigenous Studies in Education) is a part-time blended (online and on-campus) program intended for students with experience teaching in Indigenous communities.


Ne WISE (Med in World Indigenous Studies in Education) iah ne téken ne ieiokontáhkwen (on-line and on-campus) ne kahsaáhton ne ronteweiénstha ónen rotiio’tén:en ne Onkwehón:we akonakerahserá:kon.

Master of Education in World Indigenous Studies in Education

Ogichidaakwewak Education Circle

Established in 2020, the Ogichidaakwewak Education Circle advises the Dean to ensure Indigenization continues to be a priority for the Faculty. The circle’s members includes: Elder-in-Residence Deb St. Amant (on leave), Mireille LaPointe, ITEP Manager Summer Sands-Macbeth, Lauren Smart-Lampl, Kelly Maracle, and Drs. Jennifer Davis and Lindsay Morcom.