Social Healing and Reconciliatory Education (SHARE)


The Social Healing and Reconciliatory Education (SHARE) research cluster is a cross-disciplinary group based in the Faculty of Education composed of students, staff, and professors that do research and work in social justice across various departments and faculties at Queen’s and other institutions. Our diverse membership consists of individuals from the Faculty of Education; Department of Gender Studies; Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Department of English; Student Experience Office; Center for Teaching and Learning; Human Rights and Equity Office; University of Guelph; University of Saskatchewan; and the local Kingston community. The SHARE mandate is to conduct research and open discussion about the importance of social justice issues and reconciliation in education and beyond. As a research cluster based in the Faculty of Education, SHARE’s goals align with the Faculty’s Mission to develop progressive, ethical, and competent leaders in education.

For more information contact: Dr. Lindsay Morcom, Alice Johnston, and Clarissa de Leon.

Resources and Open Letters