Assessment & Evaluation Group (AEG)

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Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) faculty members and graduate students engage in collaborative research in assessment, evaluation, measurement, and knowledge mobilization. AEG operates in many educational contexts, with a wide variety of stakeholders, using multiple and mixed methods of inquiry. We operate from the premise that high-quality assessment and evaluation is the foundation for meaningful evidence-informed decision-making.

AEG was established in 2002 and continues to use a mentorship model of scholarly development. Projects are conducted with the goal of contributing to and disseminating new knowledge while building the practical and research capacities of graduate students through internship opportunities. All our inquiry is directed at promoting learning and improving educational programs.

AEG offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including a PhD in Education program with a concentration in Assessment and Evaluation.

AEG provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Assessment Practices: build instruments; analyze test data; advise educational organizations on assessment programs.
  • Classroom Practices: support collaborative professional learning; integrate assessment into teaching and learning.
  • Program Evaluation: program development; program improvement; program review.

Faculty Directors 

Liying Cheng, Saad Chahine, Amanda CooperChristopher DeLuca (Managing Director of AEG), Michelle Searle, Kristy Timmons 

Founding and Former Members 

Don Klinger, Lyn Shulha, and Robert Wilson 


Alex Wight
Celine Bruce-Lepage
Christine Armstrong
David Baidoo-Anu
Eleni Katsoulas
Elizabeth Sharp
Emma Bozek
Han Xu
Ingrid de Vries
Jennifer Hughes
Jenny Ge
Jia Guo
Katrina Carbone
Melissa McLeod
Michael Holden
Nathan Rickey
Paisley Worthington
Peiyu Wang
Roxolana Marmash
Sumaiya Khanam Chowdhury
Taylor Wormington
Uvini Colonne Appuhamilage
Yasmine Dannawy
Zemei (Jasmine) Wang
Francois-Daniel Levasseur-Portelance
Jennifer Thompson
Lisa Deveau
Emily Teves
Antara Roy Chowdhury 
Clare Marion
Yue Gu
Maryna Stoliar 
Laura Killam

  • Abbas, Lalai (MEd'16)
  • Alken, Barb (MEd'04)
  • Babcock, Michelle S. (MEd'06)
  • Bartlett, Maureen (MEd'09)
  • Battista, Adam (MEd'14)
  • Bettney, Esther (MEd'15, Thesis in Education Prize)
  • Bojarski, Stefanie (MEd'16)
  • Bourne, Tom (MEd'07)
  • Bulbeck, Anne-Marie (MEd'16)
  • Brunette, Jane (MEd'05, Canada Graduate Scholarship)
  • Burrow, Jeff (MEd'10)
  • Carbone, Katrina (MEd'21)
  • Carlyon, Sarah (MEd'19)
  • Chalas, Agnieszka (PhD'19, SSHRC Graduate Fellowship) 
  • Chamberlain, Sue (MEd'14)
  • Chapman, Allison (PhD'17) 
  • Cimellaro, Luigia (MEd'05)
  • Connelly, Margaret (MEd'09)
  • Coombs, Andrew (MEd'17, SSHRC CGS Fellowship) 
  • Coombs, Andrew (PhD'21, SSHRC Fellowship)
  • Cui, Lin (MEd'04)
  • David, Voila (MEd'18)
  • Davidson, Lindsay (MEd'09)
  • de Lira e Silva, Taciana (MEd'14)
  • DeLuca, Christopher (MEd'05, PhD'10, SSHRC Graduate Fellowship) 
  • Delvecchio, Francine (MEd'11)
  • DeVries, Ingrid (MEd'12)
  • Diao, Junli (MEd'04)
  • Doe, Christine (PhD'13, Ontario Graduate Scholarship)
  • Duclos, John (MEd'17)
  • Flynn, Leslie (MEd'15)
  • Forrest, Marsha (MEd'04)
  • Gao, Lingyun (MEd'02)
  • Gibson, Michelle (MEd'13)
  • Hamacher, Jeffrey (MEd'07)
  • Hao, Yaqi (MEd'18)
  • Harding, Brittany (MEd'16)
  • Huang, Jinyan (PhD'07, SSHRC Graduate Fellowship)
  • Im, Gwan-Hyeok (PhD'19)
  • Katsoulas, Eleni (MEd'13)
  • Knarr, Dana (MEd'12, Queen’s 3MT First Place – 2012)
  • Lam, Chi Yan (PhD'16)
  • LaPointe-McEwan, Danielle (PhD'18, SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship)
  • Lee, Mark (PhD'02)
  • Li, Jia (Postdoc Fellow, 2010)
  • Liu, Xiaoqian (MEd'13, Queen’s 3MT First Place – 2013)
  • Lock, Cinde (PhD'02)
  • Love, Alex (2017) 
  • Lu, Yang (MEd'03)
  • Luhanga, Ulemu (PhD'15, SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship)
  • Luu, King (PhD'15, SSHRC Graduate Fellowship) 
  • Ma, Jia (PhD'17) 
  • MacKenzie, Jennifer (MEd'14)
  • McEwen, Laura (PhD'13)
  • McLagan, Steve (MEd'07)
  • McMaster, Jennifer (MEd'03)
  • Mei, Yi (PhD'16, TIRF doctoral dissertation award) 
  • Merchant, Stefan (PhD'18)
  • Miller, Tess (MEd'04, PhD'09, Ontario Graduate Scholarship)
  • Mills, Adam (MEd'13)
  • Milnes, Terry (MEd'05)
  • Mitri, Mino (MEd'15)
  • Nam, Jason (MEd'17)
  • O’Donnell, Erin (PhD'07)
  • Pero, Elizabeth (MEd'13)
  • Petrick, Bob (MEd'05)
  • Poth, Cheryl (PhD'08)
  • Putos, Joseph (MEd'09)
  • Quantick, Robin (MEd'07)
  • Reid, Ann-Marie (MEd'10)
  • Rich, Jessica (MEd'15, SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship)
  • Rich, Jessica (PhD'19)
  • Rickey, Nathan (MEd'21 SSHRC Fellowship)
  • Roy, Suparna (MEd'07)
  • Roy, Suparna (PhD'19, SSHRC Graduate Fellowship)
  • Saab, Hana (PhD'09, SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship)
  • Searle, Michelle (PhD'13)
  • Sebok, Stefanie (PhD'15, SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship) 
  • Sheahan, Guy (MEd'18)
  • Shulha, Jason (PhD'17)
  • Soibelman, Chloe (MEd'06, Ontario Graduate Scholarship)
  • Song, Xiaomei;(MEd'04, PhD'14, Spaan Research in Language Assessment, Ontario Graduate Scholarship)
  • Sowat, Nang Saluna Wong (MEd'13)
  • Stewart, Rachel (MEd'16)
  • Stanbury, Hanna (MEd'09)
  • Strucchelli, Alison (MEd'09)
  • Sultana, Nasreen (PhD'19)
  • Suppa, Christopher (MEd'19)
  • Sun, Youyi (PhD'16) 
  • Tasker, Tara (MEd'04)
  • Valiquette, Adelina (MEd'15, SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship) 
  • Van Melle, Elaine (PhD'05)
  • Wakegijig, John (MEd'05, Thesis in Education Prize)
  • Wang, Hong (PhD'06, SSHRC Graduate Fellowship)
  • Wang, Xiaoying (MEd'03)
  • Wigle, Robert (MEd'04)
  • Wong, Queenie Chi Wah (MEd'12)
  • Woods, Judy (PhD'17)
  • Yan, Wei (MEd'14)
  • Yan, Yan (PhD'21)
  • Yu, Ying (MEd'05)
  • Zhang, Li (MEd'05)
  • Zhao, Jing (MEd'06)
  • Zheng, Xing (MEd'18)
  • Zheng, Ying (M'Ed'05, PhD'10,SSHRC CGS Graduate Fellowship)
  • Zhou, Cheng (MEd'15)
  • Zolnierczyk, Asia (MEd'16)
  • Zyuzin, Anna (MEd'12)

Visiting Students 

  • Marisol Alvarex Cisternas (Fall 2017) Decanda, Universidad Catolica Silva Henriquez, Santiago, Chile
  • Tahereh Firoozi (2017), Doctoral Candidate, Shahid Chamran Univeristy of Ahaz, Iran
  • Jian Xu (Winter 2017), Doctoral Candidate, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Muhammad Yaqoob (Winter 2017) Doctoral Candidate, Northern University Nowshera, Pakistan
  • Manxia Dong (Fall 2015), Doctoral Candidate, Shanghai International Studies University
  • Luna Yang (Fall 2015), Doctoral Candidate, Beijing Normal University
  • Flávia Juliana de Sousa Avelar (Fall 2014), Doctoral Candidate, Unicamp in Campinas São Paulo, Brizil Canada-Brazil Awards - Joint Research Projects

Visiting Scholars 

  • Raphaël Pasquini (Fall 2019 to Summer 2020) Professor of Education, Haute École Pédagogique (HEP)
  • Grace Scoppio (Summer 2017 - Summer 2018) Associate Professor, Royal Military College of Canada
  • Tao Xiong (Fall 2017-Summer 2018) Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, School of English and Education
  • Weiqiang Wang (Spring/Summer 2016), Associate Professor at the School of English for International Business, Guandong University of Foreign Languages 
  • Hongling Li (Fall-Winter, 2015-2016) Lecturer, Chongqing University