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2 paintings done by students, one of a purple sky, one of a dog in a galaxy

Art that Inspires

Art for the Classroom and Beyond

Open to students enrolled in Faculty of Education courses, and their instructors, this exhibition is a showcase of artifacts of teaching and learning which are also works of art. These works represent the breadth and depth of media, techniques, and ideas explored in courses at the Faculty of Education. They reveal the often profound personal, technical, and professional growth experienced by the artists during the creative process. We hope you enjoy the exhibition!


3 paintings done by students

ACE Finale

Artist in Community Education Program Exhibition and Performance Showcase

The "ACE" Artist in Community Education Program at Queens has helped prepare artist educators for over 40 years. ACE candidates are prepared for career trajectories in traditional classrooms as well as alternative settings. Graduates are leaders in arts-education across the country and around the world. ACE Artist-educators ensure our society can learn the critical skills of imagination, creative problem-solving and innovative thinking from teachers with rich experience merging practice and pedagogy. Through music, visual art, poetry and dramatic performance, the class of 2021 share who they are and what they have learned.

Painting, sky and buildings, blue

8th Annual Faculty of Education Juried Art Exhibition

During the pandemic, remote has come to be associated with learning together while physically apart. Artists were invited to take inspiration from the word within this context, or to play openly with ideas that arise when contemplating remoteness broadly defined.


  • Two women looking at a painting.

    In Progress Exhibition.

  • Two people speaking in front of a film of dancing.

    In Progress Exhibition.

  • A teacher candidate preparing an installation piece.

    Preparing for the In Progress Exhibition.

  • Seniors and teacher candidates doing arts activities.

    A workshop for residents of Providence Manor.

  • Seniors and teacher candidates doing arts activities.

    A workshop for residents of Providence Manor.

  • Teacher candidates doing arts activities.

    A workshop with Artist-in-residence Claire Grady-Smith.

  • Teacher candidates making pop-up cards.

    A workshop with Artist-in-residence Catriona Sturton.

  • A teacher candidate playing piano and another teacher candidate leaning on the piano listening.

    A musical interlude.

The Studio in the Faculty of Education brings together research formerly conducted under the ArtsMatters umbrella with a variety of arts activities generated by faculty members, graduate students and teacher candidates.

Much of the arts education research carried out by the ArtsMatters co-founders, Dr. Rena Upitis and Dr. Katharine Smithrim, was funded by a series of research grants and contracts beginning in 1996. This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, The Royal Conservatory of Music, The George C. Metcalf Foundation, and The Canadian Pacific Charitable Foundation.

The Artist-Educator in Residence program, through which an artist-educator is in residence at the Faculty for a short period each year, is made possible through the generous support of Margaret Light, the MacLean Foundation, and several anonymous private donors.

Our Artist in Community Education (ACE) program benefits from the research and arts activities held in The Studio, and some ACE activities are hosted by The Studio.

The Studio also supports the efforts of the UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning at the Faculty of Education.


The following people teach and conduct research in the arts and in arts education:

Ben BoldenBolden, Ben
Assistant Professor of Music Education
Aynne JohnstonJohnston, Aynne
Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts Education, Co-coordinator of Artist in Community Education
Rebecca Luce-KaplerLuce-Kapler, Rebecca
Dean of Education
Angela SolarSolar, Angela
Lecturer in Elementary Visual Arts Education
Rena UpitisUpitis, Rena
Professor of Arts Education

Affiliate Member

Pat Sullivan, Public Programs Officer, Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Past Members

  • Karen Boese
  • Julia Brook
  • Bev Coles
  • Stephen Elliott
  • Janice Finkle
  • Jordana Garbati
  • Eileen Harris
  • Scott Hughes
  • Jan LeClair
  • Jane MacDonald
  • Margaret Meban
  • Larry O'Farrell (see UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning)
  • Holly Ogden
  • Anna Peterson
  • Ann Patteson
  • Jun Qian
  • Katharine Smithrim
  • Rebecca Stroud
  • Meagan Troop
  • Paul Vernon
  • Jane Zigman
Open Studio

Established in 2008, the Open Studio is a community program offered to people from Kingston and the surrounding area to experience various forms of art-making. The aim is to provide informal arts learning opportunities to participants of all ages. Participants have introductory exposure and exploration within a medium, under the guidance of a practicing artist. For more information or to register for a workshop please email solara@queensu.ca.

Students writing during an Open Studio Workshop

Previous Workshops

Art on the Walls

Art on the Walls exhibitions feature the work of local artists, students, and faculty in The Studio.

two teacher candidates speaking at Art on the Walls

Previous Exhibitions


  • Neighbours, May 27 – June 10. An art exhibition about Katarokwi and Kingston by the Grade 4/5 Students of Sydenham Public School Teacher Sarah McCourt & Artist in Residence Nancy Douglas
  • Good Food, May 9 – 19. An exhibition of Pop Art presented by the students of Lakeshore School and teacher Jennifer Coe
  • Art that Inspires: Visual Art Curriculum Course Exhibition, July 4 – 28. A showcase of art created for projects and assignments in the primary-junior visual art course with Sarah Belair, Katelyn Berry, Alex Blaine, Dania Boulineau, Sarah Chapin, Siobhan Devolin, Keitha Frederick, Rosie Gatenby, Nicole General, Caitlin Grav, Jaclyn Hartzema, Diana Hogan, Stephanie Kirkham, Katrina Manis, Raz Mnatzakanian, Dayna Neville, John Ng, Nicholas Ormond, Lavanya Raveendrarajah, Rishima Talwar, Cassidy Tam, Aysha Tosun
  • Creative Expressions of Teaching and Learning, Queen’s Centre for Teaching and Learning, October 3 -31. This month-long exhibit aims to display and celebrate the creativity of teaching and learning that contributes greatly to student learning. With Shannon Brown, Dr. Drew Griffith, Mary Smida and Students, of the Department of Classics, George W. Hart, Kaitly Hollander, Aynne Johnston, Tiina Kukkonen, Amanda Ross-White, Michelle Smith, Otis Tamasauskas, Kristyn Watterworth, Amber White, Dr. Ireneus Zuk
  • Faculty of Education Juried Art Exhibition, November 7 - January 6, with Darryl Bank, Frank Belleau, Agnieszka Chalas, Morgan Chin-Yee, Shuang Di, Christina Dres, Grace Ferris, Tim Hoover, Sohyun Kang, Tiina Kukkonen, Diana Lawryshyn, Joyce Leung, Shera Lumsden, Christina Luzius-Vanin, Tori McGraw, Alessandra Sferlazza, Victoria Singh, Arvin Zhang


  • Find Your Voice, Exploring Self Advocacy through Art, May 6 – June 19, 2015. An Art Exhibition by the Grade 6 Students of Angela Moslinger at the Junior District Learning Disabilities Support Program with Artists in Residence Nancy Douglas and Peggy Fussell
  • Speaking Though Acrylic: Potholes, Loss, and Dreams, July 28 - August 15, 2015. Exhibition of the Paintings of eight urban Aboriginal youth. Part of the M.Ed research of Amber White, graduate student.
  • Faculty of Education Juried Art Exhibition, November 24 - January 15, with Agnieszka Chalas, Morgan Chin-Yee, Tonya Corkey, Shuang Di, Lauren Ellis, Kimberly Eyers, Keitha Frederick, Marie France Hetu, Tiina Kukkonen, Jennifer Sang Eun Lee, Christina Luzius-Vanin, Lauren McEwen, Francesca Pang, Shawna Ratko, Cheng Zhou
  • ACE 2016, Room with A View, April 13-23, with Alicia Bacile, Kayla Cayabyab, Tonya Corkey, Willis Cunningham, Lauren Anne Ellis, Bridget Gilhooly, Jonathan Heffernan, Hannah Jackson, Kathryn Johnstone, Sang Eun Lee, Pamela Lo, Ariel Massett, Sarah Anne Massia, Sean McCabe, Rachael Mcauley, Katherine Noyes, Francesca Pang, Audrey Sturino, Cassidy Tam,  Maria Tullio


  • My Magical Neighbourhood, September 16 – October 10, 2014. An Interactive Art Exhibition from Artist in Residence Nancy Douglas & the Grade 4/5 Students of First Avenue and Frontenac Public Schools
  • Faculty of Education Juried Art Exhibition, December 1 -January 16, with Donna Barr, Agnieszka Chalas, Victoria Courtney, Hanna Grunow-Harsta, Tommy Hsiao, Lynn Hunt, Shelby Leblanc, Lise Lindenberg, Deb Munroe-Nesbitt, Danielle Rudermanm, Rebecca Smithm, Emily Zielke
  • ACE 2015, Outside in, April 20-23, with Anne Abad, Desiree Beausoleil, Alexandra Brickman, Justin Collette, Chantal DeGagne, Kevin Fell, Daniel Giverin, Hayley Goldenberg, Christina Hoffman, Tommy Hsiao, Beth Janzen, Laura Makowski, Erica O’Reilly, Sarah Roche, Nick Roy, Emily St. Aubin, Megan Suttie, Chantal Thompson, Joel Vaughan, Sophie Waldman, George Woodhouse, Emily Zielke


  • Faculty of Education Juried Art Exhibition, November 7 - January 17, with Shannon Brown, Laura Buehler, Emily Carlaw, Rachelle DeBrouwer, Renee Faubert, Michelle Hodgson, Jeffrey MacCormack, Melissa Monteleone, Alexandra Peters, Allan Renshaw, Caileigh Trethewey
  • ACE 2014, Formulation, April 10 -25, with Rebecca Broeders, Shannon Brown, Ryan Greenspan, Rachael Grice, Heather Halliday, Michelle Hodgson, Sarah-Jane MacCaull, Melissa Monteloeone, Hannah Raaflaub, Jane Sanden, Emily Carlaw, Sally Yeo


  • Education Community Art Exhibition, November 8 - January 18, with Alison Boros, Pete Bowers, Maggie Cassidy, Aileen Cheung, Jennifer Coe, Madeline Floris, Ketsia Green, Sharon Hoag, Katrina Kovach, Lisa Mitchell, Katherine Murphy, Kai Tsoulis, Erica vanRavenhorst
  • ACE 2013, In Process, February-April, 2013, with Mallory Bishop, Jennifer Coe, Phoebe Cohoe, Caitlin Dalby, David Macdiarmid, Katherine Murphy, Maansi Parikh, Laura Romanow


  • Education Community Art Exhibition, November 9 - January 13, with Christopher Arnoldin, Sarah Bracken, Anne-Caroline Dupont Salter, Meighan Hooper, Amanda Lynne Jahnke, Heidi Mack, Megan McKibbon, Lisa Mitchell, Evan Romeo, Rachel Veenstra, Amber Vincze
  • ACE 2012, Looking Out Looking, February-April, with Francoise Doherty, Brittany Shannon, Paul Vernon, Ashley Way, Peter Wood


  • Art of Truth Compassion Tolerance
  • Education Community Art Exhibition with Robert Bohler, Angela Costello (aka Solar), Steve Elliott, Aynne Johnston, Chris Pardy, Bob Petrick, Kilmeny Raynier (aka Aynne Johnston), Michelle Wang, Alan Wilkinson
  • ACE (Artist in the Community Education) Visual Artists - Creat(ed)


  • Education Community Art Exhibition with Steve Dinicol, Stephen Elliott, Caitlin Henderson, Robert Horgan, Aynne Johnston, Eric Martinen, Marg McIntyre, Bob Petrick , Amie Revell, Angela Costello (Solar), Alan Wilkinson, Jody Wright, Jonathan Yu
  • ACE (Artist in the Community Education) Visual Artists


  • Michael Farnan - Exploring a Natural Habitat
  • Dave Gordon, Painter - Recent Works (Artist Educator in Residence)
  • JoAnn Ralph, Pen and Ink & Mona Youssef, Oil on Canvas - Recent Works
  • ACE (Artist in the Community Education) Visual Artists


  • Sharon Thompson - Heart Freedom: Healing and Binding
  • Preston Schiedel - Selections from the "Where the Waters Meet" Portfolio
  • Stephen Elliott - Encaustic Painting Still Life Tables


  • Julie Withrow - Still Life Paintings
  • Atelier Presse Papier, Trois Rivier First Pan American Wood Cut Conference
  • Heather B. O'Reilly – Blackboots - Bullshit and Rhetoric of Power
  • Aïda Sulcs, Coloured Pencil Drawings


  • Leslie Sorochan - Drawings
  • Keith Skelton - Photographs
  • Cheryl-Ann Webster - The Beautiful Women Project
  • ACE Visual Artists
  • Mary Lynn Baker - New Paintings


  • Kim Woodman - Paintings - Wind and Water
  • Magda Lewis - Photographs Beauty, Courage and Heartbreak: Images from Cambodia and Vietnam & Daniel Oxley - Mixed Media on Wood and Paper Memory Echo: Fugitive Portraits
  • Steve Elliott - Encaustic Painting & Angela Costello - Silkscreen Printing - Still and not so still Life
  • Education Community Exhibition with Gillian Andrews, Adrianna Baker, Siscoe Boschman, Jo-Anne Lachapelle-Beyak, Zabe MacEachren, Sara McCallum, Faye Murphy, Ann Patteson, Anastasia Reid, Jessica Rowland, Alanna Peters
  • ACE Visual Artists
  • Jamie Brick, Sculptor & Carol Rowland-Ulmann, Printmaker symbiosis


  • Lynda Rook - Photographs
  • Elaine Krueger - Paintings
  • Peggy Morley - Paintings
  • Andrea Dodwell - Paintings
  • Holly Dean - Calligraphic Paintings (Artist Educator in Residence)
  • Education Community Exhibition with Lorna Hendry, Angela Costello, Stephen Elliott, Magda Lewis and the Stone House Painters
  • ACE Visual Artists
  • Alex Jack - Paintings
  • Art Options Kingston Group Show


  • Angela Costello- Silkscreen Prints - Flora, Fauna, Felines, Females
  • Linda Hetherington, Bethany Garner, Fran McArthur - Fibre Art Threads
  • Sara Hale – Batik
  • Education Community Exhibition with The Stoneworks Group: Janice Finkle, Jane MacDonald, Ann Patteston, Katharine Smithrim, Rena Upitis, Sheryl Bond, Steve Elliott, Aynne Johnston, Magda Lewis, Zabe MacEachren, Lynda Wilde (R. Luce-Kapler book cover photograph)
  • Murals for Kingston General Hospital Memory


  • Holly Dean - Calligraphic Paintings (Artist Educator in Residence)
  • Grand Opening of The Studio - Holly Dean Art Exhibition
  • Murals for Pediatric Step-Down Unit, Kingston General Hospital created by Queen's Teacher Candidates (Alternative Practicum)
Artist-Educator in Residence

The Artist-Educator in Residence program hosts one or two artists each academic year. These artists interact with our students and faculty, offering a variety of workshops, individual sessions, and group performances.

A workshop with Catriona Sturton

Previous Artist-Educators in Residence

  • Shane Carty, Actor – Voice
  • Andrea Graham, Feltmaker
  • Helen Humphries, Writer
  • Teilhard Frost, Sam Allison, Martha Couper, Musicians, Dance Caller
  • Dave Gordon, Painter
  • Kathy Armstrong, Drummer
  • Steven Heighton, Writer
  • Kristen Van Ginhoven, Actor
  • Aïda Sulcs, Coloured Pencil Artist
  • Shane Carty, Actor – Voice
  • Gail Sidonie Sobat, Writer
  • Kathy Armstrong, Drummer
  • SaBooge Theatre (Jodi Essery, Andrew Shaver), Actors
  • Alana Kapell, Encaustic Painter
  • Ellen Dissanayake, Writer
  • Holly Dean, Calligraphic Painter
  • David Earle and Grace Miyagawa, Dancers 
  • Dan Yashinsky - Story Teller
  • SaBooge Theatre (Jodi Essery, Andrew Shaver), Actors
  • R. Murray Schafer, Composer
  • Holly Dean, Calligraphic Painter
  • Ian Tamblin, Musician and Composer
Notes at Noon

Notes at Noon is a lunchtime concert series featuring students, faculty, and staff.

Catriona Sturton playing harmonica

Previous Notes at Noon Concerts

  • Trevor Strong, singer/songwriter
  • Amanda Lynne Janhke, singer/songwriter
  • Notes at Noon Sing-along Jam Session!
  • Josh Collins, Guitar and voice
  • Trevor Strong, singer/songwriter
  • Andrew Laviolette, singer/songwriter
  • The Melissa Renshaw Jazz Trio
  • Janessa Lafleur, piano
  • Jennifer Slight, soprano, with Janessa Lafleur, piano
  • Gateway Conference, which included two 40-minute noon-hour concerts that ran as a festival-style line-up, with each performer having a short 10-minute set. Performers: Daniel Pinizotto, singer/songwriter, Studio Choir, Meagan Troop, Director, Andrew Laviolette, singer/songwriter, Karen Chorney, singer, performing musical theatre classics, Trevor Strong, singer/songwriter, Anchal Soni, Bollywood dance, Melissa Renshaw, Colin DeBourcier, Janessa Lafleur, Vocal Trio, and scenes from “Shakespear Lives!”, Musical Theatre
  • William Egnatoff, flute & Julia Brook, piano
  • David MacLean, violin, Kate Gurnham, soprano, & Alli Pfaff, piano
  • Leah Brown, soprano; Chris DeLuca, tenor; & Julia Brook, piano
  • Julia Brook, piano
  • Excerpts from the B.Ed. Musical: All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Directed by Chris DeLuca, Holly Ogden, & Michelle Searle
  • Pearl Schachter, harp, William Egnatoff, flute, & Julia Brook, piano
  • Eliza Jane Scott (Singer-songwriter)
  • Scott Davey (singer-songwriter)
  • Three Bums on a Bench (Holly Ogden, Rena Upitis, & Julia Brook, piano)
  • Rachel Read, soprano
  • William Egnatoff, flute, & Jeff Hanlon, guitar
  • Notes at Noon Extravaganza
Links to Arts and Arts Education Organizations
  • Artists for Schools and Communities provides schools and communities, throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, with experiences of artistic excellence and creative process that awaken creativity.
  • Arts Education Partnership: a private, non-profit coalition of education, arts, business, philanthropy, and governmental organization that demonstrates and promotes the essential role of arts education in enabling all students to succeed in school, life, and work.
  • Canadian National Arts Centre has a number of education and outreach programs.
  • Canadian Network for Arts and Learning (CNAL/RCAA): brings together all stakeholders engaged in arts education, across disciplines and regions. This includes artists, arts organizations, educators, schools and academia, policy-makers, funders, and other umbrella organizations - Researchers and Individuals that share our vision for arts education for all Canadians.
  • ISME International Society for Music Education.
  • Learning Through the Arts: an educational partnership designed to transform the teaching and learning processes in our public school systems, using the arts as tools for delivering general curriculum.
  • UNESCO Arts Education site.
  • Music Education Research is an international refereed journal which draws its contributions from a wide community of researchers. MER publishes research covering a broad range of topics, including the development of musical understanding and creativity, the effects of gender, culture, ethnicity, class, and disability on musical attitudes, learning and behaviour, philosophical discourse surrounding values, principles, and purposes, and affective, artistic, and aesthetic development in and through music.
  • NSEA International Society for Education through the Arts.
  • Prologue to the Performing Arts: Ontario organization that works with arts councils, foundations, corporations, school districts, parent groups, teachers, and professional artists to bring performing arts experiences into school communities.
  • UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning: a UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University.