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Updated November 16, 2022

outside of Duncan McArthur Hall, with tulips in frontUpdated Protocols November 16, 2022

In light of the increasing circulation of respiratory viruses and hospitalizations across the province, Ontario's chief medical officer of health is strongly recommending that Ontarians wear masks in all indoor public settings, including in schools.

Queen’s students, staff, and faculty are asked to adhere to the following guidelines to help ease the strain on our local hospitals and reduce transmission of respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19, influenza, and RSV:

  • The university strongly recommends that Queen’s students, staff, and faculty wear a mask in indoor settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained, including instructional spaces. Individuals may be asked to wear a mask if close contact is required; please be respectful of these requests. Some activities and roles may also have mandatory requirements for masking, such as those in health clinics, hospitals, some laboratories, and in some organizations where students complete their placements.


  • Students, staff, and faculty must stay home if they are ill. Once symptoms begin to improve for 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal symptoms) and no fever is present, you may return to campus. Please continue to wear a mask for 10 days following the onset of symptoms.

If a student needs to miss a class, exam, or other academic requirement due to COVID-19 illness, symptoms, or self-isolation requirement, academic consideration will be granted. Medical documentation of illness is not required. Students can submit an academic consideration request by following your Faculty's/School's established protocol for students with extenuating circumstances. Students can find additional information in the Extenuating Circumstances procedure and policy.

  • Everyone is encouraged to stay up to date on their COVID-19 boosters and flu vaccines. For all individuals 12 years of age or older, it is recommended to receive one flu vaccine and one bivalent COVID-19 booster this fall if you have not received a COVID-19 vaccine within the last 6 months. Individuals, including international students, who need a COVID-19 vaccine can find walk-in clinics or book an appointment in Kingston and in Ontario

Flu vaccine clinics for students will be held on campus on Nov. 15-18 from 9:30 - 3:30 pm Students can call 613-533-2506 to book an appointment. Students can also receive a flu vaccine from Student Wellness Services throughout the fall and winter.

Student Wellness Services has also compiled a list of resources on off-campus locations where flu shots can be booked. Learn more about the flu vaccine clinics on the Student Wellness Services website.

Update September 9, 2022

Queen's has updated our COVID-19 protocols. As always, the information is shared on the University's COVID-19 web page. Extra masks are still available in Student Services for anyone who needs them.

If you or a close contact develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, you can complete the provincial self-assessment tool to help determine your isolation requirements. The updated self-isolation guidelines are also available on the KFL&A Public Health website.

Some key highlights of the updated guidelines include:

  • Individuals should stay home when they feel sick or have symptoms of respiratory illness – whether or not they test positive for COVID-19. This means staying home until:
    - Your symptoms have been improving for at least 24 hours (or 48 hours for nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea), and
    - You do not have a fever, and
    - You do not develop any additional symptoms.
  • After having symptoms, additional precautions are recommended for a total of 10 days following the day symptoms started. If you have had close contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19, additional precautions are recommended for 10 days from your last exposure. Additional precautions include:
    - Wearing a well-fitted mask in all public settings
    - Avoiding non-essential activities where mask removal is necessary
    - Avoiding visiting anyone who is immunocompromised or may be at higher risk of illness (for example, seniors)
    - Avoiding non-essential visits to highest risk settings such as hospitals and long-term care homes
  • Individuals who are immunocompromised and have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 should still isolate for 10 days from their symptom onset or positive test result.
  • Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 but are asymptomatic do not have to isolate, but should take additional precautions (see above) for 10 days from test date.
  • Workers in highest risk settings (e.g., hospitals and long-term care homes) who are close contacts of individuals with COVID-19 symptoms or positive COVID-19 test are able to return to work without isolating, provided they have no symptoms and follow additional precautions.

If a student needs to miss a class, exam, or other academic requirement due to COVID-19 illness, symptoms, or self-isolation requirement, academic consideration will be granted. Medical documentation of illness is not required. Students can submit an academic consideration request by following your Faculty's/School's established protocol for students with extenuating circumstances. Additional information is available in the Extenuating Circumstances procedure and policy.

Instructors are not obligated to notify the class when a positive case is reported to them, and students are not required to report positive cases to the instructor. Instructors should:

  • Regularly remind students they must monitor for symptoms daily before attending campus. This can be done using the Queen’s SeQure app as well as through the Province of Ontario’s self-assessment.
  • Regularly reassure students that supports/accommodations are in place if they must miss classes due to COVID-19 symptoms and isolation.

Update August 31, 2022

We are continuing to manage the impacts of COVID-19 in our classrooms and workspaces. Students, faculty, and staff should be using the KFL&A chart to determine what to do if they have symptoms or test positive for COVID. You can access the KFL&A chart on their website.

There are a couple of policies to note beyond this resource.

  • Students will not be asked for documentation (e.g., a doctor’s note) of COVID symptoms.
  • Instructors will provide alternatives to complete course work/ achieve learning outcomes for students that need to isolate for 5-10 days as a result of COVID.
  • For long COVID, students may need ongoing accommodations to complete their coursework. These students do not need to isolate but may require longer-term support and accommodation. Student Wellness Services compare supporting and accommodating students with long COVID, to supporting a student with a concussion.

If you need them, additional masks are available in Student Services.

Updated Requirements as of August 23, 2022


In line with current provincial and public health guidance, the university’s suspension of mandatory masking continues across campus at this time, however members of the Queen’s community are still strongly encouraged to wear a medical grade mask in indoor spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The Faculty of Education continues to recommend that masks be worn inside the building and that you stay home If you are feeling unwell – make sure to let your instructor or manager know.

COVID-19 Vaccination requirements

At this time, proof of vaccination is not required to attend most in-person university activities or to live in Queen’s residence. 

The Faculty of Education strongly encourages all students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for a variety of reasons: 

  • We are unsure what vaccination requirements various school boards will have. You may be required to be fully vaccinated to enter a school to complete your practicum, which is the current policy in all school boards.
  • If vaccination requirements are lifted and the situation changes, it may become necessary to bring back requirements for proof of vaccination on short notice. 
  • If proof of vaccination requirement needs to be reinstated, students who do not keep their vaccination status up to date could find their studies interrupted and may not be able to get necessary vaccinations in time to be able to return to campus to finish their program.
  • We are not able to offer virtual or hybrid learning opportunities or practicum placements for those who are unable to attend campus. 

Requirements to Stay Home if Ill / Academic Considerations

Employees who are ill or have symptoms can contact their manager or supervisor to discuss their arrangements.

If a student needs to miss an academic requirement due to COVID-19 illness, symptoms, or self-isolation requirement, academic consideration will automatically be granted. Students in these circumstances should follow their Faculty’s/School’s established protocols for students with extenuating circumstances. Documentation from a health-care provider is not required. Students should connect directly with their instructors to discuss making up the missed work and instructors are asked to be as flexible as possible in these circumstances.

Queen's University COVID-19 Information Website

Please see the Queen's COVID-19 Information website for more details. 

Queen's COVID-19 Information


Updated September 1, 2022

Please note that these FAQ are subject to change based on government and University policies surrounding COVID-19.

Q: Are classes in-person?

A: Yes, all classes have resumed in-person delivery as of April 2022 and are expected to continue in-person through fall and winter terms. 

Q: Is the Faculty of Education closed?

A: Not at all! Most staff from the Faculty are back to working in-person and are happy to speak with you in-person or online.

Q: Can I still make an appointment with an Academic & Career Advisor?

A: Yes! Our Advisors continue to offer both virtual and in-person appointments during regular office hours, Monday through Friday. Please book your appointment using the online booking system.

Q. Where can I get updates on graduate studies at Queen’s? 

A. Please consult the Queen's COVID-19 information page regularly. 

Q: Do I have to attend classes?

A: Graduate classes have resumed on-campus. Participation remains mandatory.

Q: Is the Faculty of Education open?

A: The Graduate office is open Monday to Friday, 8 am – 4 pm (closed 12 – 1 pm). Staff are also available to meet with students remotely.

Q: Will this affect my funding?

Our minimum funding guarantee remains the same. There will be no alteration to, or delay in payment, of Queen’s awards, Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Research Fellowships, Research Assistantships, and Graduate Teaching Fellowships.

Q: What should I do about my comprehensive exams/thesis defence?

Comprehensive exams and thesis defenses will proceed as planned. For guidelines on in person (on-campus) thesis defenses during COVID restrictions, please check here. Contact your Graduate Coordinator if you have any concerns.

Q: Will there be practicum placements in 2021-2022?

A: The expectation is that there will be practicum placements in 2021-2022.

  • First Year Concurrent candidates must complete practicum in a non-traditional setting, interacting with children. 
  • Second Year Concurrent candidates are encouraged to complete practicum in a non-traditional setting or a non-traditional classroom setting in a school (Guidance, Student Support, Reading Recovery, etc.).
  • Third Year Concurrent candidates must complete their practicum in a traditional classroom setting as this practicum, along with final year practicum, count toward the 80-day OCT requirement.
  • All practicum placements must be approved by the Practicum Office before you are permitted to begin placement.

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