Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization Committee

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization (EDID) Committee was established in fall 2019. Colourful figures form a semi-circle while some others beat on a drum in this illustration by Portia Chapman

The purpose of the EDID Committee at the Faculty of Education is to cultivate an inclusive community; create welcoming classrooms and social spaces for all students, faculty, and staff; ensure equitable and inclusive policies, processes, curriculum, and events; and support marketing, recruitment, and retention initiatives that enhance a diverse teaching and learning community at the Faculty.  

The EDID Committee is a central point of contact for EDID concerns, and supports and advocates for systemic change for students, faculty, and staff. 

Concerns and issues brought to the EDID Committee should be in writing (either by email or at the link below) and be systemic in nature (e.g. faculty policy, processes, services, marketing/communications materials, etc) that the committee can respond to and make recommendations for change, particularly at the Faculty level. The Committee is not equipped to respond to individual complaints regarding racism, assault, or specific incidents faced by individuals. However, the committee can make referrals to the correct resource at the faculty or Queen’s. EDID Committee members, including co-chairs, may choose to invite a proxy to address issues that may be a conflict of interest.

Complete this form to bring an issue to us anonymously.


Contact co-chairs Jamie Kincaid or Pamela Serff directly.

  • Terms of reference and the full vision statement
  • Members for the 2023-24 Committee Include: 
    • Co-Chair (Staff): Jamie Kincaid (2022-24)
    • Co-Chair (Faculty): Pamela Serff (2022-25)
    • EDID Coordinator: Tracy-Ann Johnson-Myers (2023-26)
    • Staff representative: Becca Carnevale (2022-24)
    • Term Adjunct representative: Shelley Mulrooney (2021-23) agreed to one more year ending 2024
    • Concurrent Education Students' Association (CESA) representative: *elected end of October 2023
    • Education Students' Society (ESS) Equity representative: Liz Bromford (1 year)
    • Graduate Student representative: Jacob DesRochers (2021-23)
    • Queen's School of English (QSoE) student representative: Yuejun Liu (2022-24)
    • QSoE staff representative: Carly D'Amico (2019-22) agreed to additional years ending in 2024
    • Indigenous Teacher Education Program representative: Summer Sands-MacBeth (2022-25), Lauren Smart-Lampl
    • EGSS Representatives: Paul Akpomuje (1 year) and Tristan Lewis (1 year)
    • SHARE Representatives: Summer, Becca, and Alana Butler
    • Additional Faculty and Staff Members: Alana Butler, Ian Matheson (2023-24), Allie Minuk (2023-25), Heather McGregor, Kyle Cummings-Bentley


Resources: Confronting Racism in a time of Social Distancing

Working with the Human Rights and Equity Office, the EDI Committee has gathered some resources to share with our community during this time of physical distancing and remote learning.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization Committee Reports

This report shares the work accomplished during the inaugural year of the committee and lays out our priorities for the future.

 2020-2022 Report (PDF 87 KB)

 2019-2020 Report (PDF 547 KB)