This year marked an exciting return to in-person teaching and growth in our graduate and online programs. Our alumni were busy changing the world through education. Our researchers brought impactful ideas and resources to educators. Our teacher candidates, graduate students, and continuing learners continued to be inquisitive, creative, and innovative. Congratulations to everyone in our community for a dynamic year of teaching, learning, and research!

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We were inspired by alumni in our Careers Beyond the Classroom series.


Our ITEP Community-Based Program expanded and now offers Indigenous education teacher programs in Kenjgewin Teg, Lambton-Kent, Mushkegowuk Territory, and Tyendinaga.

Continuing Teacher Education reached thousands of students through AQ courses, including post-graduate certificates for teachers in Ontario and British Columbia.

The EDID committee shared a report on their activities from 2020-2022, including celebrating the impact of Dr. Alana Butler and her role as EDI Coordinator at the Faculty.


We were busy internationally – exploring digital innovation and educational technology with our Norwegian partners at Nord University in the CANOPY program and working with 1 Million Teachers, an organization that hopes to attract, train and retain teachers through the use of their online platform and learning modules.

The Queen’s School of English (QSoe) was thrilled to welcome students back to campus and we are inspired by the work of the QSoE Volunteer Club!

A lounge space with a colourful artwork on the wall. Two chairs and tables sit across from a large grey couch. There is a raised table with chairs in the background.



The grad lounge received some updates including new furniture and a custom wooden table designed by students in the Technological Education program.

Popular Podagogy listeners enjoyed discussions with leaders in education including Rosalie Griffith, (Con.Ed.’99), Dr. Claire Ahn speaking about Social Media and Critical Digital Literacy in the Classroom, and Dr. Nenad Radakovic, our newest Faculty member, joined us to talk about transdisciplinary approaches to math education - or using math to explore big questions - like how we tackle climate change or how we make musical compositions that are pleasing to everyone.

Episode 23: Black History Month Featuring Rosalie Griffith

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Episode 24: Social Media and Critical Digital Literacy in the Classroom

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Popular Podagogy: Solving Wicked Problems in a Math Class

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Our Community of Practice events launched with a focus on literacy and the Right to Read Report.

We partnered with alum Jerri Jerreat on the Youth Imagine the Future writing festival.

Our researchers continued to create innovative research for our education community.

Decoding the language of literacy

Dr. Pamela Beach investigated unique approaches to supporting student and teacher learning

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Creating a home for special education practitioners

Dr. Jordan Schurr’s research group ADD*Ed built community and special education expertise

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Measuring the impact of research

Dr. Saad Chahine leveraged measurement science to support developing countries

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Heads up: your curriculum needs an update

Drs. Alana Butler and Thashika Pillay partnered with TDSB to integrate anti-oppressive curricular framework. Want to do this in your classroom? Check out our Anti-Racism and Diversity Resources.

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Finding common ground at the intersection of math, art and science

Dr. Nenad Radakovic talked about bringing an interdisciplinary approach to education.

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The people who shape your learning

Dr. Kristy Timmons explored educator expectations, self-regulation, and capacity

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Sistema Kingston kept inspiring us with their music!

Students in colourful t-shirts stand in a semi-circle with instruments. They are led by a teacher on a large wooden drum that stands in the middle.


Thanks to all our students, alumni, faculty and staff that made 2022 such a wonderful year. Many of these events and resources are supported by the Community Initiatives Fund. Find out how you can contribute.