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Pamela Beach

Associate Professor of Language and Literacy


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Language and Literacy

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MA, PhD (Toronto)
Associate Professor of Language and Literacy, Graduate Faculty

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Pamela Beach is currently an Associate Professor in Language and Literacy at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. Pamela completed her MA in Child Study and Education at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto and her PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

Pamela has nearly a decade of elementary classroom experience, teaching a range of grades and subject areas from junior kindergarten to seventh grade. Her background as an elementary teacher has influenced her research which centres on the dissemination of research-informed literacy practices. Pamela’s work explores how online and multimedia resources can be used in teacher education and professional development. Pamela uses web analytics, screen-capture technology, the virtual revisit think aloud, and eye-tracking technology to study teacher cognition and learning. 

Research Interests

  • Elementary reading and writing instruction
  • Online professional development
  • Teacher cognition and learning
  • Early literacy
  • Critical literacy

Selected Publications

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