Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE)

Mission Statement

The Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Group is a research and development team at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, that is dedicated to improving teaching and learning in the mathematics, science and technology fields in schools and in teacher education.

The Group promotes:

  1. greater awareness of the links that can be made between mathematics, science and technology;
  2. the advancement of accessibility to these fields;
  3. education for social responsibility.



Faculty with an MSTE teaching (T) and research (R) focus

Lindsay Mainhood Belyea (MSTE Doctoral Fellow, MSTE Apprentice) (R)
Anne Smith Mansfield (T)
Chris Carlton (T)
Ena Holtermann (T)
Heather McGregor (TR)
Jordan Shurr (TR)
Peter Chin (TR)
Peter Taylor (TR) (cross appointed with Math & Stats)
Richard Reeve (TR)
Robert Chambers (T)
Saad Chahine (TR)
Sandy Youmans (T)
Stefan Merchant (T)
Stephen Haberer (T)
Zabe MacEachern (TR)

Executive meeting dates for review of funding requests; the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Note: funding requests to be considered at an MSTE Executive meeting must be received by MSTE by the second Wednesday of each month.

Donations for External Activities


Activities must further teaching, learning, and the goals of the MSTE Group.

Application Procedure

Individual requests will not normally exceed $1000.00. Submit request with a detailed description of the event/activity, rationale for the funds, dates and location(s), contact details for the person who will responsible for the funds, and budget details.

Send funding request to