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Ena Holtermann

Adjunct Professor and Coordinator Technological Education Multi-Session (TEMS) Program



Technological Education

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Ena Holtermann is an Adjunct Professor of Pedagogy & Curriculum at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, specializing in both pre-service and multi-session teacher education programs. Ena completed her graduate studies in Curriculum Studies at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, where her research focused on designing transformative educational experiences.

As the Program Coordinator for the Technological Education Multi-Session (TEMS), Ena champions a nurturing educational environment that promotes a deep sense of community among learners and instructors. She is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and compassionate support, with a strong focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation through educational practices.

With over two decades of experience in secondary and post-secondary education, Ena began her career teaching Technological Education at the secondary level. She has since expanded her impact through various roles including Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Educator, Special Education Resource Teacher for Inclusion, and Human Rights and Equity Officer with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF/FEESO). In her post-secondary roles, Ena’s teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in encouraging critical thinking, social justice, and reflective practice. Her approach prepares professionals to thrive as educators, caregivers, and societal leaders.

Ena is a recipient of the Golden Apple Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence from Queen’s University, an accolade that reflects her commitment to enriching the student experience. She seamlessly integrates theory, practice, and experiential learning to deliver a comprehensive, inclusive, and authentic educational approach.

Her current research explores critical issues in education, including the unique challenges skilled workers face when transitioning to the teaching profession, the perceptions of equity and inclusion among pre-service Technological Education teachers, and the influences on professional identity development for new teachers as they transition from industry to education.