Zabe MacEachren smiling at the camera outside

Elizabeth (Zabe) MacEachren

Associate Professor of Outdoor Education

Graduate Supervisor

Outdoor Education

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BNS (Lakehead), B.Ed. (Lakehead), MSc (Nat'l Audubon Expedition Inst. and Lesley College), PhD (York)

Associate Professor, Graduate Faculty, Coordinator of Outdoor and Experiential Education

Research Interests

  • Hands-on making experiences as a form of environmental education, subject integration, and holistic education
  • Ecological literacy, Sustainability, Self-sufficiency
  • Schoolground naturalization, Restoration practices
  • Storytelling as experiential education
  • Traditional winter travel curriculum
  • Women’s experiences in outdoor environments
  • Outdoor-based practices for teaching Canadian Heritage (E.g. Voyageurs & Hunting-based curricula)
  • Perceptions that shape concepts of health and cognition (E.g. outdoor fitness routines and diets such as primal, paleo or vegetarian)
  • Animality, specifically notions of Wild and Domesticated animals


Zabe MacEachren is the Coordinator of the Outdoor and Experiential Education Program in the Faculty of Education, Queens University. Her main research interest explores the pedagogy of making items of utility and beauty from material gathered directly from the land. From this main research area other related but seemingly eclectic interests are woven into her research publications.


THESIS: Craftmaking: A Pedagogy for Environmental Awareness

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Webinars (You may need to subscribe to view)

Green Teacher Webinar “Green Craft-Making” (original date – May 25, 2011)
Presenter: Zabe MacEachren

Chapters in Books

The Role of Craft-making in Friluftsliv. In Nature First, Outdoor Life the Friluftsliv Way. (2007). (Ed.) Bob Henderson and Nils Vikander. Dundurn Press, Toronto

Online Journal Articles

Using Brain Research and the Experience of Knitting Socks in Teacher Education. (2011) Learning Landscape, McGill University. Autumn Vol. 5 #1. p 177-192

The Canadian Forest School Movement (2013) Learning Landscape, McGill University. Autumn Vol. 7 #1  p 219-234

Archival Publications Available Online

From Pathways Journal by Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO). These articles all relate to Craftmaking.

Exploring Material Culture in the Barrenlands. (2012) Pathways. Vol.24 (4) p. 19-20

The Role of Making the Stuff of Life in Place-Based Education. (2011) Pathways. Spring, Vol. 23 (3) p.7-13

*Edited Entire Pathways Issue on Craftmaking as Outdoor Education. (2004) Pathways. Winter, Vol.16 (1)

  • Dreams: Traditional or Contemporary Technology p18-21
  • Making Traditional Winter Footwear p28-29

Ballerina Footwear: Hiking Boots. (1992) Pathways. August Vol. 4 (5) p 21-22

Crafting Around Column Written for Pathways Journal – Practitioner Based

Fringes, Fiddling & Flying. (1991) Pathways.  Vol. 3  (5) p8-12 (About the feel of wearing leather)

Ode to Socks - Prospect Point. (1989) Pathways. Vol.1 (4)  p28


Other Articles Written, but not as Direct a Connection to Craftmaking

Edited Issue on Sustainability in Outdoor Education. (2006) Pathways. Summer  Vol.18(4)

My Desk Is Under My Bus Seat. (1990)Pathways. Vol.3 (1) (About the graduate program the National Audubon Expedition were I received my M.Sc.)