How to Apply - Technological Education

Tech Ed Students completing a project in the workshopProgram offering is contingent upon funding and adequate enrolment.

For information on this program, please visit the Technological Education webpage.

Consecutive Education applicants submit official transcripts of all post-secondary institutions attended, a Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) and the Supplemental Documents listed below.


Step-by-step process

Step 1: Apply through the Teacher Education Applicant service (TEAS) online.

Step 2: Submit supplemental documents through the Supplemental Documents Form. Documents required are outlined in detail below but should include a resume, copies of certificate(s) of qualification and/or certificate(s) of apprenticeship, or a trade license, letters of wage-earning experience, high school transcript, and more if self employed. 

Step 3: Submit your Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) through MyQueens Portal/SOLUS. Opens in early November.

Step 4: Wait for an offer of admission.

Supplemental Documents for Technological Education

Please submit all supplemental documents using the Supplemental Documents Form.  Please note: this form can only be completed once, so please ensure all your documents are finalized and ready for submission.

Required Documents: 

Highschool Transcript

  • You must provide us with your Highschool transcript showing completion of Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


  • Provide a clear and concise overview of all education (secondary and post-secondary)
  • Include start and end dates for work and education.
  • Specify what kind of education it was (degree, diploma, certificate, trade license)
  • Include employer names and description of the position held for work related to the broad-based technological subject area to which you are applying.

Certificate(s) of Qualification

  • If you have a Certificate of Qualification that is relevant to the work experience related to the broad-based technological subject area to which you are applying, you must submit these certificates with your application.
  • A COQ/COA is mandatory for the following BBTs: hairstyling and transportation.
  • Health Professionals: if your work is regulated by a professional college (ex. nursing, massage therapy, etc.) you must still be an active member and able to practice in Ontario, even if you are not currently practicing. Proof of active membership is required in your application.

Letters of Work Experience

  • Letters must be original signed letters on official company letterhead with the supervisor’s name, title, address, and contact information (phone/email).
  • Letters should include your name, position(s) in the company, length of work experience(s) with start and end date.
  • Letters should include typical hours of work per week, and if it was full or part-time employment.
  • Letters should include description of the work with details of the duties and skills used in the position.
  • See the sample letter (Word document 53.7 KB) to see what must be included.

Proof of self-employment (if applicable)

  • You must provide a sworn statement or solemn affirmation made before a commissioner of oaths indicating that the applicant was self-employed or employed in a family business(as a co-owner or stakeholder). The statement should include the duration of employment, the actual start and end dates, and the nature of duties (providing specific statements of the skills used in the position).
  • Provide a copy of business license or registration supporting the duration of employment noted in the sworn statement
  • Provide copies of income tax assessments (which indicate self-employment) supporting the duration of employment noted in the sworn statement, or a statement from an accountant, confirming income, or an annual report.
  • Provide three letters from a major supplier or client representative of the period of self-employment and attesting to the materials purchased or a client attesting to the work completed.

Sworn Statements (if applicable)

  • Applicable only if you cannot attain letters of wage-earning experience.
  • Submit a sworn statement or solemn affirmation made before a commissioner of oaths indicating the reason(s) why the letter(s) are not available and
  • All of the details of the job required in the work experience letter (completed previously as another supplemental document)
  • Submit copies of T4 tax forms or a statement from an accountant to confirm the income and dates of employment

Admission Key Dates and Deadlines

Key Dates Description Method of Submission
Sept 14  Teacher Education Applicant Service (TEAS) online applications open. TEAS
Nov 1  Applicants can access the online Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) through SOLUS online Student Centre.  Submission details will be emailed to you after you apply. MyQueens Portal/SOLUS
Dec 1* Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS) online application deadline. TEAS
Dec 10*

Deadline for receipt of PSE.
Deadline for receipt of supplemental documents. 

MyQueens Portal/SOLUS

Feb 15 Queen's sends first round of offers of admission. TEAS
March 1  Deadline to accept Queen's offers of admission through TEAS. TEAS
June 30  Deadline for applicants with conditional offers to submit final transcripts indicating completion of required and/or recommended courses and/or degree conferral

Submit to:
Student Services Office

*Note the deadlines for application, official transcripts, PSE and supplemental documents are firm, due to the Queen's program start date.

If you have questions, please contact Education Student Services.