Personal Statement of Experience (PSE)

Thank you for your interest in the Queen’s University Faculty of Education. We are looking for applicants who share values consistent with the Faculty’s Mission Statement, which is as follows:

We develop progressive, ethical, competent, and thoughtful leaders in education through teaching, research, and professional collaboration.

Personal qualities and experiences are of vital importance to a successful educator. The purpose of the Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) is to provide you with an opportunity to share some of your pertinent personal experiences, and what you have learned from those experiences.

Accordingly, we weigh your PSE equally with your academic qualifications. Your PSE will be read by a minimum of two readers, one from the Faculty and one from the broader education field. The academic requirements can be found at:

Process for Submission of the Personal Statement of Experience

After you have submitted your application through the Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS), you will receive an email from us ( after November 1, to the email address you used for your application. That email will provide you with instructions regarding how to submit your PSE online, through MyQueensU Portal/SOLUS at Paper, email, and/or fax submissions are not accepted.

Your PSE must be prepared in your own words, without professional assistance. We strongly suggest that you first write your PSE before you are ready to apply, using a text editing program (such as Microsoft Notepad). You will then be able to copy it into the online form without extraneous coding. Please note you will be timed out of your online session after 30 minutes.

When you are completing your Personal Statement of Experience, consider your future as an educator in the context of the following criteria:

  • The personal qualities, capabilities, and experiences you identify as central to the role of a successful educator will be evaluated by the readers of your PSE.  The Faculty of Education encourages Consecutive Education applicants to focus their PSE on those that would facilitate success in their B.Ed. program and in their careers as skilled teachers.
  • When listing an extracurricular activity or employment opportunity, describe the impact of this experience and its greatest learning outcome for you from the perspective of how that would make you a good teacher.
  • Describe how your experiences and capabilities helped you gain attributes consistent with what the Queen’s Faculty of Education is specifically looking for in a prospective teacher.

Reflect on the Essential Knowledge, Abilities and Dispositions outlined on our website while writing your Personal Statement of Experience

While communicating your preparedness to enter the teaching profession, address your fitness to teach by reflecting upon the Essential Knowledge, Abilities, and Dispositions document. Upon acceptance into our programs, you will be required to confirm formally that you understand the role of these attributes in the teaching profession. 

The Online Personal Statement of Experience Questions

  • Question 1: Using the Consecutive PSE Chart, list up to 5 activities or jobs (paid or unpaid) that you have been involved in, including the positions held. Be sure to have details in each column. Activities are valued equally and may include but are not limited to participation in the arts, athletics, faith-based teaching, hobbies, volunteering, and/or farm, household, or social. responsibilities. The maximum number of words in each field is approximately 30 words or 200 characters with spaces. See: Consecutive PSE Sample Chart.
  • Question 2: Drawing on 2 of your experiences from Question 1, explain how your attributes are consistent with what the Queen’s Faculty of Education is looking for in a prospective teacher. Use paragraphs and full sentences, and approximately 500 words or 3,400 characters with spaces. This is also your opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills.

The Online Referee Contact Information

When completing the online PSE, please provide the name and contact information of an individual not related to you (e.g., employer, supervisor, etc.) who can attest to your personal qualities, capabilities, and experiences in at least some of the areas you have listed. Your referee may be contacted to verify the statements that you have made in your PSE. Letters of reference are not requested and will not be read.


If you have questions please contact Student Services Office.