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Faculty of Education
Peiyu Wang PhD in Assessment and Evaluation

Peiyu Wang

PhD in Education


Peiyu Wang is a PhD student at the Faculty of Education, member of Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG). Peiyu holds an MEd (University of Windsor), a B.Ed., a B.B.A., and a B.S. in psychology (Inner Mongolia Normal University, China). She is a certified teacher and psychotherapist in China and has years of research experience. Her research focuses on the impact of language assessments on teaching and learning English for academic purposes.

Major Field

Assessment and Evaluation


Dr. Liying Cheng

Research Interests

  • Large-scale testing and language assessment
  • Teaching and learning English for academic purposes
  • Relationship between testing, learning, and teaching
  • International students’ academic and social acculturation
  • Quantitative data analysis