Shawn Locke stands in front of a background of green leaves

Meet Shawn and learn more about his journey in the PME program!

I started the PME program in July 2020. My concentration of study in the program is Assessment & Evaluation, and my research interests include measuring the effectiveness of continuing medical education (CME) instructional design on physician performance and patient outcomes.

I am currently Coordinator, Continuing Health Sciences Education (CHSE), McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. My future goal is to manage the Continuing Education program for a University.

My advice for new students is:

Take every opportunity to apply what you are learning to your professional work. The discussion board component of the courses provides a great opportunity to exchange views and learn from your fellow students.

As a new or prospective student, you may be wondering if you can manage studying around your busy life. As a new father, I was worried about this as well – but the flexibility of the online format allows you to maintain work-life balance. Manage your time well. Try to set aside some time each day.


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