The Faculty of Education is excited to announce a call for abstracts for the 2023-24 Knowledge Forum. The topic is Global Education.

In this issue, we invite our Queen’s education community to share their stories, research, and experience teaching and learning globally.

Successful contributions will speak to a wide audience and may include traditional academic papers or essays, as well as creative pieces such as personal reflection, poetry, painting, photography, and even musical compositions or video essays!

Abstracts for papers, essays, and reflections of up to 150 words are due by June 25, 2023.

Creative submissions (photography, poetry, painting, etc.) should be submitted in their entirety with a description of up to 50 words describing the piece’s relation to the theme.

We welcome abstracts from alumni, graduate students, teachers, administrators, academics, and policymakers – anyone who has a story to share!

Topics may include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Education for sustainable development (especially, the UN Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Citizenship education
  • Education for migrants, refugees, and internally displaced persons
  • Impacts of globalization on education systems
  • Teaching and learning abroad
  • Internationalization of higher education
  • Comparative education
  • Global Indigenous perspectives, research, and experiences (including stories from the Matariki Network)
  • Global approaches to assessment and evaluation; literacies; curricula; etc.

Email the Knowledge Forum Committee to submit your abstract. Please note your affiliation with the Faculty of Education (alumni, student, instructor, etc.).

Contributors will be notified in late June if their abstract/creative submission has been accepted. Papers/written creative submissions should be 750-1000 words in length (including all references) and will be due November 5, 2023.

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