Teaching, Learning, and Assessing in Times of Transition

March 31 — April 1, 2022
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The Rosa Bruno-Jofré Symposium in Education is an annual gathering organised for and by graduate students in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. It features educators and graduate student presenters from across Canada. 


Thursday, March 31

  • Keynote Address - Narrative agency in times and places of transition
    Dr. Heather McGregor, BA (Acadia), MA (OISE), PhD (UBC), Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  • Paper Presentation - Bullying and Youth Mental Health
    • Indigenous Language Bilingualism, Language Learning, and Immersion as an Aid to the Youth Mental Health and Suicide Crisis
    • Lucas Gambacort, Queen’s University; Discussant: Dr. Alana Bulter
    • Uncovering Themes in Anti- and Pro- Bullying Attitudes among School-Aged Children
      Emma Foong, Elizabeth Jevdic, Isabel Child, Jesse Scott, Dr. Lindsay Jaber & Dr. John Freer, University of Windsor; Discussant: Dr. Lee Airton
  • Alternative Format Presentation - Courageous Leadership through Times of Transition
    Karen Burkett & Jessica Della-Latta, Queen’s University
  • Paper Presentation - Improvisation and Emergence
    • ​​​​​Assessment, emergence, and complexity: A much-needed theoretical framework for contemporary classrooms
      Michael Holden, Queen’s University; Discussant: Dr. Kristy Timmons
    • Connection and collective intention through collective free musical improvisation
      Sean Corcoran, Queen’s University; Discussant: Dr. Holly Ogden
  • Alternative Format Presentation - Visual Possibilities for an Environmentally-driven, Arts-based Education
    Jackie Stendel, McGill University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Assessing and Learning in Early Childhood Education
    • Impact of TOEFL Primary (Remote-Proctored) Tests on Young Test-takers
      Jia Guo, Queen’s University
    • Exploring kindergarten teachers’ orientations and methods to measure children’s self-regulation in play-based learning contexts
      Yiqin Ji, Queen’s University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - French Language Education
    • The Elimination of Extended French in Central Ontario
      Emma Turola, Queen’s University
    • French Immersion Teachers’ Perspectives of Translanguaging
      François-Daniel Levasseur-Portelance, Queen’s University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - School Culture and Gender Identity
    • Supporting Safe Spaces: How School Administrators Shape the School Culture for Sexual and Gender Minority Students
      Ariadne Jevnikar, Lakehead University
    • Exploring Gender Identity and Gender Expression in Music Education
      Beck Watt, Queen’s University
  • Fireside Chat From the Archives: Discussing Arts Based Research
    Facilitator: Jacob DesRochers, MA, M.Ed (Queen’s) PhD Candidate, Queen’s University
    Panelist: Dr. Tara Goldstein, BA (Concordia), MA (St. Michael’s College), MFA (Spalding), PhD (OISE) Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • Invited Panel Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity
    Facilitator: Dr. Alana Butler, BSc, B.Ed, MA (Toronto), PhD (Cornell) Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
    Panelists: Dr. Claire Ahn, B.Ed (Alberta), M.Ed, PhD (UBC) Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
    Dr. Lee Airton, MA, PhD (York) Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
    Dr. Andrew Campbell, BA (Jamaica Theological Seminary), M.Ed (West Indies), PhD (OISE) Faculty Member, University of Toronto
    Dr. Thashika Pillay, M.Ed, PhD (Alberta) Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
    Dr. Jackson Pind, BA, MA (Laurentian), PhD (Queen’s) Post-Doctoral Fellow of Indigenous Education, Queen’s University

Friday, April 1

  • Paper Presentation - Methodologies in Adult and Higher Education
    • Competency-based Medical Education Training: Through the Eyes of the Residents
      Ingrid de Vries, Queen’s University; Discussant: Dr. Amanda Cooper
    • Reflections on Using Autoethnography as a Research Methodology
      Sarah Amodeo, McGill University; Discussant: Dr. Rebecca Stroud Stasel
  • Paper Presentation - Indigenisation and Decolonisation
    • Dead Reckoning at the End of the World: An Exploration on Using Métis Traits and Adaptations to Help Navigate Critical Times
      Tyler Twarowski, Queen’s University; Discussant: Dr. Jenn Davis
    • On Decolonizing the Curriculum: Thoughts of a Black Pre-Service Teacher
      Welly Minyangadou, McGill University; Discussant: Summer Sands-Macbeth
  • Paper Presentation - Social-Emotional Learning and Social Skills
    • Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions and Experiences Regarding Social-Emotional Learning in Ontario
      Hajar Jomaa, University of Ottawa; Discussant: Dr. Ian Matheson
    • Social Skills Assessment
      Tayebeh Sohrabi, Memorial University of Newfoundland Discussant: Dr. Derek Berg
  • Paper Presentation - Challenges and Possibilities for Classroom Learning
    • Franco-Ontarian School Leaders and Substitute Teachers During the Pandemic Crisis
      Amira Massaabi, University of Ottawa; Discussant: Christine Armstrong
    • Learning by Watching Tutorial Videos: The Impact of Dialogue and Collaboration
      Xingbang Chen, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Discussant: Dr. Claire Ahn
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Success and Wellbeing in Adult Education
    • Illustrating the Perceived Educational Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Women
      Andrea Hill, Queen’s University
    • Higher Education Faculty's Motivation, Occupational Adjustment, and Well-being: An International and Immigrant Perspective
      Meiting Chen, McGill University
    • Extend Computational Thinking in Developing Women's Belonging to Computer Science Education at University Level
      Yimei Zhang, McGill University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Narrowing Your Scope: Adding Rigour to Your Scoping Review Using a Methodical Approach
    Kianna Mau, Queen’s University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Examining Language Learning
    • How English Language Learners (ELLs) are Affected by a Global Pandemic
      Samantha DiFazio, University of Windsor
    • Foreign Language Learning Motivation and Identity Construction: An Autobiographical Narrative Inquiry
      Xuyang Li, University of Manitoba
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Assessment Literacy for Teachers and Students
    • Developing Teacher Assessment Literacy: A Focus on Rubrics
      Natalie Fielding, Queen’s University
    • Digital Ideation: Postsecondary Student Collaborative Creative Thinking Experiences Using Online Peer Assessment
      Scott Maybee, Queen’s University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Perspectives on Curriculum
    • The Evolution of Canadian History in Ontario High Schools: A Journey Through the Past 30 Years
      Christopher McCuaig, Queen’s University
    • How Some Oral Traditions Teach for Peace
      Fatima Ahmed, Lakehead University
    • Student Perspectives of Secondary Mathematics Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Roxolana Marmash, Queen’s University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation Beyond Public School: Alternative Spaces for Civic Learning
    Rebecca Evans, Queen’s University
  • Round Table/Poster Presentation - Equity Issues in Healthcare and Education
    • Falling Between the Cracks: Compounding Identity Discrimination Within Healthcare
      Jane Mao, Queen’s University
    • The Elephant in the Room: Combatting Inadequate Special Education Program Funding by Capitalizing on the Unique Strengths of Educational Assistants and Classroom Peers
      Kianna Mau & Alexandra Minuk, Queen’s University
  • Alternative Format Presentation - Creativity and Transformation in Music
    • Nurturing Creativity in Music Education Through Assessment
      Paul Medina, Queen’s University
    • The Transformation: A Musical Expression of Transformational Learning Through the Lens of the Hero’s Journey
      Scott Maybee, Queen’s University
  • Career Services and Resume Workshop
    Dr. Emma Thompson, Career Services, Queen’s University
  • Fireside Chat: Transitioning from Graduate Studies to a Professional Context
    Moderator: Dr. Glenda Christou, BSc (Toronto), B.Ed (Ottawa), M.Ed (New Brunswick), PhD (Queen’s)
    Panelists: Dr. Andrew Coombs, BSc (Dalhousie), B.Ed (Mt. St. Vincent), M.Ed, PhD (Queen’s)
    Dr. Lindsay Mainhood, M.Ed, PhD (Queen’s)
    Dr. Stephen MacGregor, BSc, B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD (Queen’s)
    Dr. Amir Rasooli, PhD (Queen’s)
    Dr. Rebecca Stroud Stasel, PhD (Queen’s)
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