Derek Berg

Associate Professor of Special Education

BAH (Dalhousie), B.Ed. (Mount Saint Vincent), M.Ed., PhD (Queen's)

Associate Professor of Special Education, Graduate Faculty

Research Interests

  • Mathematical cognition
  • Learning disabilities
  • Childhood depression
  • Inclusive education

Recent Publications

Berg, D. H., & Klinger, D. A. (In press). Gender differences in the relationship between academic self-concept and self-reported depressed mood in school children. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research.

Berg, D. H. (2008). Working memory and arithmetic calculation in children: The contributory roles of processing speed, short-term memory, and reading. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 99, 288-308.

Berg, D. H. (2008). Cognitive impairments of children with severe arithmetic difficulties: Cognitive deficit or developmental lag? Exceptionality Education Canada, 18(1), 59-92.

Berg, D. H., Taylor, J., Hutchinson, N. L., Munby, H., Versnel, J., & Chin, P. (2007). Student assessment in exemplary work-based education programs. Journal of Workplace Learning, 19, 209-221.

Berg, D. H. (2007). Bridging moral and ethical polarities in inclusive education. In N. L. Hutchinson (Ed.), Proceedings of the 4th Annual Graduate Students in Education Symposium (pp. 1-22). Kingston, ON.