Claire Ahn smiling in front of trees outside

Claire Ahn

Assistant Professor of Multiliteracies

Graduate Supervisor

Assistant Professor of Multiliteracies, Graduate Faculty

B.Ed. (University of Alberta)
MEd, PhD (University of British Columbia)

Dr. Claire Ahn is an Assistant Professor of Multiliteracies. Broadly speaking, Dr. Ahn’s research focusses on how information is mediated across different platforms and how this affects people’s understanding of issues, events, and of people. Dr. Ahn also has over 20 years of teaching experience, including a decade of experience as a secondary English Language Arts (ELA) teacher, thus her research is strongly rooted in and considers secondary ELA curricula and pedagogical implications.

Dr. Ahn’s current projects include the following:

  • How visual images and the genre of environmental documentary films affect viewers’ responses and awareness of issues
  • Considering the impacts of deceptive media and importance of critical digital literacy education
  • How young people are understanding and learning about critical social justice issues
  • Multiliteracy approaches to teaching and learning about place-based poetry using PhoneMe (in partnership with the DLC, LLED UBC)
  • Applied learners in secondary English classrooms and high-stakes standardized tests

Research Interests

  • Multiliteracies/multimodality
  • Narrative film and documentary film
  • Visual literacy and visual rhetoric
  • Genre and rhetorical genre studies
  • Environmental literacy
  • English Language Arts curriculum

Select Publications

[Accepted] Searle, M., Ahn, C., Fels, L., & Carbone, K. (February 2021). Infusing creativity and care into assessment of transformative learning in teacher education. Journal of Transformative Education.

Ahn. C. (2021). Genre expectations and viewer reaction to Our Planet: Are audiences motivated to act more sustainably?. Language and Literacy, 23(1), 65-79.

Ahn, C. (2020). Considering the role of documentary media in environmental education. Journal of Canadian Curriculum Studies, 17(2), 67 – 79.

Ahn, C. & Leggo, C. (2019). Teachers in film: Always in process. The Canadian Journal of Education, 42(1), 117-137.

McKerracher, A., Sinner, A., Leggo, C., Hasbe-Ludt, E., Ahn, C., Rak, S. & Boschee, J. (2016). When is the Teacher? Reflections on social fiction, film, and life writing. Journal of Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 14(1), 92-107.

Ahn, C. (2015). (Re)Discovery: Accepting, enduring & surviving. Journal of Educational Enquiry, 14(1), 17-29.

Ahn. C. (2014). Zooming in on film in the English classroom. English Practice, 56(1), 49-54.

Ahn. C. (2013). Writing: Making a connection with 21st century students [Book Review]. English Practice, 55(1), 40.

Book Chapters

[Forthcoming] Ahn, C. & Peña, E. (May 2020). Reality as genre. In J. Ávila (ed.) Critical literacy teaching series: Challenging authors and genres. Brill and Sense.

Leggo, C. & Ahn, C. (2019). Learning to laugh: Irony in election. In D. Conrad & M. Prenderast (eds.) Teachers and teaching onstage and onscreen: Dramatic Depictions. UK: Intellect LTD.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Ahn, C. (2021 January 19). Navigating an infodemic: Questions, considerations, and critical digital (visual) literacy education. School of Rubric.

Ahn, C. (2020 April 20). Engaging students in film analysis in ELA classrooms (and online!!). Facing History and Ourselves.

Ahn, C. (2019 February 4). How analyzing patterns helps students spot deceptive media. The Conversation.