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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Danielle LaPointe-McEwan

Adjunct Faculty, and Academic & Business Development Coordinator

Dr. LaPointe-McEwan (PhD, Queen’s University) is an Adjunct Professor and member of the Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) and Classroom Assessment Research Team (CART) at Queen's Faculty of Education. In addition, she has been a Member in Good Standing of the Ontario College of Teachers since 1995 with significant experience in K-12 mathematics and special education in both public and private educational settings.

Dr. LaPointe-McEwan’s research has largely focused on enhancing professional learning outcomes for educators and students in the context of K-12 education, with a particular emphasis on how educators use multiple forms of classroom and program data, including video, to inform professional learning and practice across educational systems. She has led multiple education-based program evaluations, working collaboratively with school districts, education networks, the Ministry of Education, and educational organizations to enhance valued program outcomes for stakeholders. In all of her work, Dr. LaPointe-McEwan prioritizes authentic partnerships that bridge research and practice and foster meaningful change for systems, educators, and students.

Research Interests

  • Evidence-informed educator professional learning
  • Middle leader facilitation and organizational leadership
  • Coaching and feedback in professional learning
  • Leveraging classroom video in professional learning
  • Professional learning models – face-to-face and virtual
  • Formative assessment in online learning contexts – K-12 and higher education
  • Pre- and in-service teacher education in assessment and evaluation
  • Mathematics teaching and learning

Current Research Projects

Dr. LaPointe-McEwan is currently involved in various Faculty- and field-based research projects and program evaluations. She is a longstanding research partner with the Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network (EOSDN)—a consortium of nine Eastern Ontario District School Boards and Queen’s Faculty of Education that facilitates regional professional learning and collaboration for the purpose of improving student achievement. In her research, Dr. LaPointe-McEwan is currently exploring how approaches to assessment develop among pre- and in-service educators, how virtual networked professional learning models support educator capacity building and practice, and how formative assessment supports online learning in K-12 and higher education.

Selected Publications
  • DeLuca, C., Coombs, A., & LaPointe-McEwan, D. (2019). Assessment mindset: Exploring the relationship between teacher mindset and approaches to classroom assessment. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 61, 159-169.
  • DeLuca, C., Coombs, A., & LaPointe-McEwan, D. (2018). Changing approaches to classroom assessment: An empirical study across teacher career stages. Teaching and Teacher Education, 71, 134-144.
  • DeLuca, C., Chapman-Chin, A., LaPointe-McEwan, D., & Klinger, D. (2018). Students’ perspectives on assessment for learning. The Curriculum Journal, 29(1), 77-94.
  • DeLuca, C., & LaPointe-McEwan, D. (2017). Boost your assessment fluency: A framework for enhancing classroom assessment practices. Education Canada, 57(1), 39-42.
  • DeLuca, C., Valiquette, A., Coombs, A., LaPointe-McEwan, D., & Luhanga, U. (2016). Teachers’ approaches to classroom assessment: A large-scale survey. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 1-21.
  • DeLuca, C., LaPointe-McEwan, D., & Luhanga, U. (2016). Approaches to classroom assessment inventory: A new instrument to support teacher assessment literacy. Educational Assessment, 21(4), 248-266. Winner: American Educational Research Association (AERA) Classroom Assessment Distinguished Paper Award.
  • DeLuca, C., Luhanga, U., & LaPointe-McEwan, D. (2016). Teacher assessment literacy: A review of international standards and measures. Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability, 28, 251-272.
Courses Taught
  • GDPI/PME 802 Program Inquiry and Evaluation
  • GDPI/PME 810 Integrated Planning, Instruction, and Assessment
  • PME 803 Organizational Learning
  • PME 826 Using Classroom and Large-Scale Assessment Data
  • PME 828 Conducting Quality Program Evaluations
  • PME 878 Experiential Practice in Education
  • PROF 410 Theory and Professional Practice
  • PRAC 410 Faculty Liaison
  • EDST 210 Understanding Classroom Assessment and Evaluation
  • FOCI 210 Assessment and Evaluation Practices in the Classroom
  • FOUN 101 Foundations of Classroom Assessment