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Sidney Pike-Nurse

Sidney Pike-Nurse playing viola

Sistema Kingston Student Follows Artistic Passion

Sidney Pike-Nurse likes to draw, make videos and play viola. “Art flows through my veins,” he says, meaning every word. And thanks to his time with Sistema Kingston, Sidney has been given tools to not only express himself through his art but also learn how to use art as a way of keeping him patient and calm. The 12-year-old can’t get enough and his ambition to live a creative life has recently led to some new and exciting opportunities. Read more.

Sistema Kingston Brings music, energy, and team-building to Kids at Molly Brant

Sistema Kingston student playing violin

Sistema Kingston brings music, energy, and team-building to kids at Molly Brant

Mackenzie Harman loves the violin. A straight-talking and wise fifth grader, she has been learning music four days a week after school with Sistema Kingston for four years. Like all Sistema Kingston students, she started her musical adventure on a papier-mâché instrument that she made – and decorated – herself. The students start with papier-mâché violins, violas and cellos as they learn proper instrument care, positioning, and bowing techniques. Read more


Con.Ed. Student Helps Kids Feel the Music

Katie with Sistema Kingston children

Con.Ed. Student Helps Kids Feel the Music

Katie Mulvihill is a 2nd year concurrent education student at Queen’s.  A Kingstonian and an environmental and health studies major, she was drawn to a non traditional classroom setting practicum with Sistema Kingston for the opportunity to “make connections with kids and help create new experiences for them.”

Katie spent the last 12 summers at a camp close to Kingston. She found counselling kids and running programs as something that has shaped her as a person. She brings her passion for the outdoors, and a strong interest in music – playing both the piano and guitar – to her practicum as Sistema Kingston. Read more.