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The Knowledge Forum 2023-24: Global Education (PDF 6.5 MB) is now available and features:

  • A Note from the Editors
  • Let's Talk about Digitalization and the Global Education Agenda - Ikeoluwapo B. Baruwa
  • Reflections on Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education - Sheri Henderson
  • A Better Here: The Power of Youth Imagination to Create a Better World - Jerri Jerreat
  • Global Experience is Global Wisdom: An Application of the Emergent Learning Theory - Garth Nichols
  • Who is at the Table? The Challenge of 'Special Education' in International Offshore Schools - Dr. Rebecca Stroud
  • Resilience of Canadian International Schools in China - Nian Zhu
  • Alternative Education’s Resistance to the Standards Movement - Peter J. Glinos
  • This Help Will Never End - Steven McWilliams & Karen Burkett

Cover of the Knowledge Forum 2023-24: Global Education