The 2020-21 Edition of the Knowledge Forum is now available, featuring:

  • Fostering Immediacy in the Virtual Classroom by Charlie Taylor 
  • Cultivating Community through the Transformative Power of Art by Becca Evans, Charlotte Gagnier, Maddi Andrew, Dr. Michelle Searle, Jenny Ge, and Shannon Brown
  • Meaning by Jennifer Bartlett
  • International Teachers' Voices by Esther Bettney and Jon Nordmeyer
  • Do You See What I See? Place Conscious Teaching and Learning by Erin Woodford 
  • Don't Give Up on Me by Revlon Stoddart 
  • Disease, Survival, and our Munsee Language by Ian McCallum 
  • The Importance of Teacher Presence in Online Learning by Kathy Pick
  • A Letter to my White Teachers: A Reflection on Whiteness, Identity, and Antiracism in the Classroom by Jessica Ho

 2020-21 - Teaching and Learning in Times of Transition (PDF 4.9 MB) 

A Teacher playing an instrument outside with a student and both are masked with the words the Knowledge Forum superimposed

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