The inaugural edition of the  Knowledge Forum (PDF 4.5 MB) is now available. In this issue you will find: 

  • Education Letter: A Brief History by Rebecca Carnevale 
  • A New Forum: Education, Schooling Knowledge, and the Public Good by Theodore Christou
  • Blue Sky School: This Learning Centre is on a Learning Journey by Helen Daniels 
  • Reaching Our Sometimes Hardest-to-Reach Students: A Suggestion for Improving the Mental Health and Well-Being of Secondary Students in Ontario 
  • Socio-Economic Inequality and Student Outcomes in Canadian Schools by Alana Butler 
  • The Fourth "R": The Case for Reconciliation Literacy in our Classrooms by Stephen Sliwa
  • Exploring STEM Impact and Engagement in Student-Led and Purpose-Driven Projects: aka Make with Data by Cassie Xu
  • Who is Feeding Whom? The Hope for Symbiotic Social Justice Clubs in Schools by Nathalie Reid

 The 2017-18 Edition of the Knowledge Forum (PDF 4.5 MB)

The cover of the Knowledge Forum featuring a little boy looking through a telescope

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