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CSSE Conference

CSSE 2018 Conference

Join us at the 2018 CSSE Conference in Regina.

All Queen’s alumni, students, faculty, and friends are invited to the Queen’s Alumni Reception. Many of our faculty and graduate students will be presenting their research at this conference. See the details below, follow us on Twitter and share your photos using hashtag #QueensCSSE2018

Education system in Chile and reflective teaching

Education system in Chile and reflective teaching

Thursday, November 12
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
A236, Duncan McArthur

Natalia Asenjo arrived during the boxing day with her family to come to a research stay for 6 months. They all change the dry summer of Santiago de Chile for the cold winter of Kingston. Even though the temperatures were very low in the beginning, work with Professor Dr. Tom Russell was a great opportunity for her professional and academic development, so she could not miss it.

Student Experiences: How I Prepared for my Open Graduate Defence

March 20, 2018
By: Ian Matheson

Knowing that you are going to be examined in front of your peers is daunting. I don't know many people that would be excited by the prospect, and I'm certainly not one of them. I think I’ll always remember the tightening I had in my stomach that wouldn’t go away as the weeks became days, and the days became hours. I always knew that I was building to this, but I think I was short-sighted throughout grad school—focused on the next task directly in front of me.

Student Experiences: My PhD at Queen's Education shaped who I am today

February 26, 2018

By: Suparna Roy

An advantage was that I had done my undergraduate, B.Ed., and M.Ed. degrees all at Queen’s so when I entered the world of acronyms (i.e., EGSS, ESMHI, RBJSE), they were familiar and I was eager to get involved. My past role as a middle and high school teacher had me hooked on activities that were service-oriented and therefore I gravitated towards those types of experiences during my PhD Of course, other acronyms like TA’ing, GTF’ing, and RA’ing have also livened things up. To me, these acronyms represent networks of people (staff, students, and faculty) with whom I could build friendships and a sense of community.