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Student Experiences: Miss Lee the Science Queen

November 20, 2017
By: Kerri Lee

Hello! My name is Kerri Lee and I am a B.Ed. Teacher Candidate in the Primary/Junior Divisions with a concentration in ACE (Artist in Community Education). I recently completed my practicum in a grade 3 classroom where I had the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects, including introductory lessons for their science unit on forces. As an educator who is passionate about the arts, I was eager to find a way to incorporate an aspect of drama or theatre into my lessons.

the Science Queen

Three Faculty Members receive SSHRC Development Grants over the past year

Congratulations to Ben BoldenChristopher DeLuca, and Pamela Beach who have received grants over the past year from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

  • Ben Bolden, along with Co-Applicant Christopher DeLuca, have received a 2017 Insight Development Grant for their project titled Building Creative Capacity through Assessment for Learning in the Arts. 
  • Chris DeLuca received a three year Partnership Development Grant for a project he is working on with Bronwen Cowie (The University of Waikato), Christine Harrison (King's College London), and Jill Willis (Queensland University of Technology) titled Preparing teachers for the age of accountability: an international partnership for enhancing teacher education in assessment.
  • Pamela Beach and Gail Henderson (Queen's Faculty of Law) have received a 2017 Insight Development Grant for their project titled This Little Piggy Went Banking: Examining Potential Conflicts of Interest in Financial Literacy Education Resources for Elementary School Teachers. You can find out more about their project on the Faculty of Law website.

Lynda Colgan's article "Science in the home boosts children's academic success" featured on The Conversation

Lynda Colgan's article "Science in the home boosts children's academic success" featured on The Conversation 

November 14, 2017 

Lynda Colgan's article that gives parents tools and ideas for bringing science activities into the home was featured in The Conversation


Dr. Liying Cheng receives 2017 prize for Excellence in Research

Our own Dr. Liying Cheng was among five recipients of the Queen's 2017 Prize for Excellence in Research. Awarded annually in five areas (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and health sciences), the awards have been the signature internal research prize since 1980, and represent an important investment by Queen’s in recognizing research and scholarship. Recipients are some of the top scholars in their fields, and they are each awarded a prize of $5,000 as well as the chance to give a public lecture on their research in the spring. More information on the public lectures will be made available in early 2018.

Student Experiences: Outdoor & Experiential Education Field Camp

October 24, 2017
By: Stuart David

Hello!  My name is Stuart David and I am a B.Ed. Teacher Candidate in the Primary/Junior Divisions with a concentration in Outdoor and Experiential Education. 

The Outdoor and Experiential Education (OEE) program has a unique start in September called Field Camp.  At Field Camp all 27 Teacher Candidates in the OEE program get together at Frontenac Park Scout Camp on Otter Lake and spend 5 days completing activities, sleeping in tents, cooking some amazing food and getting to know each other.

Student Experiences: Guide Dog Training

October 19, 2017
By: Yannick Wong

You may have seen furry-faced Leo around the halls of Duncan McArthur Hall alongside his “Puppy Raiser” Teacher Candidate Yannick Wong (Con.Ed. ’18).

Yannick originally wanted to adopt his own dog but understood that getting a dog was a huge and lasting commitment, particularly when there is no guarantee of where he could be teaching in a year. A friend recommend Kingston 4 Paws as a possible way to have a meaningful relationship with a dog short term – and help out a child in the process.

furry-faced Leo with Yannick Wong