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The Knowledge Forum is a space for faculty, alumni, and students to share their research, ideas, and knowledge. In this publication, alumni reflect on their work in classrooms, school administration, education policy, and community initiatives, and our current faculty and students share their research.

Call for Abstracts on Teaching in Times of Transition

The Faculty of Education is excited to announce a call for abstracts for our third issue of The Knowledge Forum.

In this issue we are examining themes of teaching and learning in transition, and as COVID has turned our education system upside down, this topic seems all too pertinent. This third iteration of The Knowledge Forum is a space to explore how we change and adapt our approaches to education when daily life shifts, when norms change, and when we need to rethink our approaches to create welcoming, inclusive, spaces for students experiencing significant changes in their lives. Successful contributions will speak to a wide audience, as the publication is committed to addressing the public as a whole. More information.

Latest Issue - Fall 2019

Fall 2019 - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Past Issues

Fall 2018 - Education and the Public Good


For questions, comments, or to request a paper copy, please email knowledgeforum@queensu.ca.

Archives of the Faculty’s previous publication, the Education Letter can be found at https://educ.queensu.ca/education-letter.