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International Connections

At the Faculty of Education, we are internationally recognized for our research, our researchers, international programs, and partnerships with educators around the globe. Faculty members collaborate with research partners around the world on a variety of international initiatives and projects. We offer our students a number of opportunities to participate in international projects, exchanges, internships and practica as a part of their programs. We also offer advice on international work opportunities through our Education Career Services.

We provide generous support to faculty members, graduate students, and teacher candidates for creating and maintaining international connections through the Elliott/Upitis/Bamji/Hajee Travel Fellowships.

International Programs

Dual Degree in Master of Education, students, 2018

From dual degree in Master of Education to customized teacher development programs, our Faculty expertise expands globally. Our Continuing Teacher Education department offers online professional development to teachers in New York State, US. Our School of English provides intensive English language instruction to international students who are preparing for their studies in Canada, as well as for international teachers and professors to help them teach in English language in their home country.

International Partners

1 Million Teachers and Queen's University

We have developed agreements for student exchanges, faculty mobility, programs, and research collaboration with a number of international partners around the world, focusing on supporting international teacher education. Explore our wide range of partnerships!

International Visitors

Partner visit in 2018 from Korea National University of Education

We welcome international visitors, including visiting professors, graduate students, and delegations, to join our diverse environment of teaching and learning. We value the varied experiences and perspectives that international visitors bring to our Faculty, and the opportunities they provide for exchanging of ideas and research, and for creating international collaborations.

International Opportunities for Students

Student Exchange

Our aim is to offer our students cross-cultural learning opportunities through international exchange in order to provide a transformative cross-cultural experience. And to create opportunities to experience international education first hand. In our B.Ed., we welcome incoming exchange students. In our graduate programs, we offer international exchange opportunities with our partners. Contact our International Office to learn more. 

International Alternative Practicum

During the standard Alternative Practicum period (3 weeks starting in March every year), our teacher candidates have an opportunities to go abroad for their placements. On average, 25% of our teacher candidates complete their placements in over 75 countries. Placements have been done in local and international schools, as well as institutions such as museums, galleries, hospitals and theatres. For more practicum information.

Teachers Overseas Placement Services

Our Teachers Overseas Placement Services is a year-round career placement service and is open to our students and alumni, as well as teachers with certification in Ontario, and to accredited, international schools. The annual Teachers Overseas Recruiting Fair is the main event where international schools from over 50 countries come to Queen’s for hire our teacher candidates.

  • Jing Wu at the South China Normal University in Guangzhou

    Jing Wu at the South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China. Jing is currently enrolled in our Dual Master of Education Degree and is completing her second year and will graduate with an MEd from Queen’s and from SCNU.

  • Nathan Cheney in Beijing China for international student recruitment

    Nathan Cheney in Beijing China for international student recruitment for Queen’s School of English. Nathan is currently enrolled in our part-time MEd program, while working for the Faculty full-time.

  • Samantha Charmley, B.Ed. alumna, at a beach in Turks and Caicos

    Samantha Charmley is our B.Ed. alumna and currently teaches at T.C.I. Middle School in Turks and Caicos.

  • Shawn Solomon and Jory Bolton (B.Ed.’16) currently teaching at the American School of Kuwait.

    Shawn Solomon and Jory Bolton (B.Ed.’16) currently teaching at the American School of Kuwait. They met in 2015 while pursuing their B.Ed. at Queen’s. The two quickly became good friends, leading them to complete an international teaching placement at an IB school in Panama and later to both take employment at the American School of Kuwait. 

International Education Week

International Education Week is celebrated worldwide every year during the third week of November. At our Faculty of Education, our students, faculty and staff engage in international education through a wide variety of activities such as projects, school placements, research, and post-graduate employment. Follow our international education experiences on social media #QueensEducAbroad and see what we have planned each year for the International Education Week activities.


UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning

UNESCO logoThe UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning promotes the priorities of UNESCO in relation to arts education, creativity, teacher education, research, and e-learning. The main priority is to encourage and strengthen international linkages and capacity building in arts education. Dr. Ben Bolden is the Chairholder.