International Partners

Our Faculty has developed agreements for alternative practicum, student exchanges, and research collaboration with partner universities, schools, organizations and associations across the world.

International Associations and Organizations 

International Partner Schools

Queen's University is committed to global engagement for meaningful impact. Recognizing that today's challenges require holistic solutions, the university's Strategic Plan 2023-2028 outlines six objectives, starting with valued partnerships. These objectives drive global engagement across all aspects of university life. By fostering a thriving global knowledge community, Queen's aims to welcome diverse perspectives and create a more inclusive and interconnected society. This plan is guided by principles that will shape transformative changes in both academic and campus life. Ultimately, Queen's envisions a future where global engagement is woven into its core, driving positive contributions to global challenges.

Within the Faculty of Education, we believe that teachers play a pivotal role in shaping a better world. Educators have the power to inspire and empower the next generation, instilling values of empathy, inclusivity, and global awareness. Through innovative teaching approaches and international collaborations, our faculty equips future educators with the tools to impact students locally and globally. Together, we are committed to nurturing a new generation of teachers who can make a profound difference, fostering global citizens who are prepared to address the world's pressing issues and contribute to a more harmonious and interconnected global society.


South America


Current Teacher Candidates

International Alternative Practicum – Are you interested in potentially completing your alternative practicum at one of our partner schools? Please research each school thoroughly to determine which schools you are interested in. Some important considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Does the school offer programming that matches the learning goals of your alternative practicum?
  • Are you interested/ willing to travel to where the school is?

When you have completed your research and narrowed your search down (approximately 2-3 schools), please prepare some information about yourself and your practicum goals/ interests that can be shared with the school.

When you have prepared your information and are ready to contact a school please reach out to Administrative Assistant Mingshan Gu. Please detail for Mingshan which schools you are interested in approaching and provide your details and FOCI information. Do not contact schools without first connecting with Mingshan.