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Welcome Teacher Candidates

Congratulations on your offer of admission to Queen's Faculty of Education. We look forward to having you join us in Kingston, Ontario in May! 

Why You Should Choose Queen's 

  • Our 16-month program starts in May 2018 and ends in August 2019 – getting you into the job market a year earlier than other programs.
  • You get to choose a concentration which provides a pathway for you to develop your professional interests. Concentrations include two complementary courses and a 3-week Alternative Practicum in the same topic. Topics could include At-Risk Children or Adolescents & Young Adults, Exceptional Learners, Educational Technology, Social Justice and International Education.
  • Our 3-week Alternative Practicum (also known as the Alt Prac) gives you the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in a setting outside of school – you can do it in Canada or anywhere else in the world. Teacher Candidates have spent their Alt Pracs at Banff National ParkGlobal Learning in Hong Kong, the Vatican, the Stratford Festival, Youth Theatre Arts in Scotland, the Royal Ontario Museum, Joyceville Institution – and so many more. There are Travel Fellowships available to help you make your dream Alt Prac happen.
  • You will have access to career advice throughout your program, and after as an alumni, from our Education Career Services Advisors.
  • Interested in teaching abroad? The Teachers’ Overseas Recruiting Fair happen right here at the Faculty of Education and has linked thousands of Canadian teachers to exciting international teaching opportunities for 30 years.
  • You get to experience the classroom through Practicum placements:
    • 3 weeks in the first summer
    • 6 weeks in the fall (two 3 week components)
    • 4 weeks in winter, followed by a 3 week alternative practicum
    • 4 weeks in the second summer.
  • Kingston is a great and easy city to live in – rich in history and culture and home to vibrant arts, food and maker communities. Lake Ontario provides picturesque opportunities for swimming and sailing. Kingston’s small city size makes the city easily accessible, while still providing the conveniences of a larger city. 

Additional Info

2018-19 Program Dates


2-4 May Introduction to the Program (3 days) 
7-25 May Practicum (Victoria Day 21 May) (14 days)
26 May-3 June Summer Break - (9 days)
4-27 June Summer block 1 (18 days) 
2 July University closed in lieu of Canada Day (1 day)
3 July-3 Aug.  Summer class block 2 (24 days)

29 Aug.
-2 Sept.

OEE Field Camp - Tentative (5 days)
2 Sept. ACE Introduction - Tentative (1 day) 
4 Sept.  Opening Day and first day of Fall Term classes for final year Concurrent and Consecutive Programs
4 Sept.-5 Oct.  Fall class block 1 (24 days) 
9 Oct.-16 Nov.  Practicum (Thanksgiving 8 Oct.) (19 days)
19 Nov.-19 Dec. Dec.fall class block 2 (Commemoration Day 6 Dec., classes will not be held (22 days, 46 days total of Fall Term)


2 Jan.-8 Feb. Winter class block 1(Classes will not be held Jan. 1) (28 days)
11 Feb.-8 March Practicum (Family Day 18 Feb) (19 days)
11-15 March  March Break (5 days)
19 March-5 April Alternative Practicum (15 days)
8-26 April Winter class block 2 (Good Friday 19 April) (14 days, 43 days total Winter Term)
29 April-24 May Summer 2 Practicum (Victoria Day 20 May) (19 days)
25 May-2 June  Summer Break (9 days) 
3-28 June Summer 2 class block 1 (20 days)
1 July  Canada Day - University closed (1 day) 
2-26 July  Summer 2 class block 2 (21 days) 
26 July  Summer 2 Professional Conference (1 day) 
2 Aug.  Summer 2 session ends 


Costs & Financing

How Much Will It Cost?

Queen’s Student Awards provides estimated costs for the 4-term program, including rent, food, etc..

2018-19 tuition and fees are expected to be announced by May 2018 (and are subject to change from 2017-18). To give you an estimate for the 4-term program:

Activity Fees and the Health and Dental Plan for Consecutive students are administered by the Society of Graduate and Professional Students.  2018-19 fee information is forthcoming.  For questions see the Society of Graduate & Professional Students Website, or contact info@sgps.ca, 613-533-6376..

Financing and Awards

Queen’s Student Awards has a website with information about Financing Your Queen’s Education program. For questions contact Student Awards: fees@queensu.ca, 613-533-6894. 

You may contact Student Awards to make an appointment if you need help with your budget. You may also meet with an Awards Officer privately for support and guidance about financing your time at Queen’s.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) makes bursaries available to candidates who are entering Ontario’s faculties of education.  For information, click here.

Primary-Junior French Placement Opportunity

Primary-Junior Teacher Candidates who are eligible, can register for the online AQ course FSL Part 1 and have the opportunity to observe and assist in a French (immersion, extended, or FSL) classroom for part of their fall term practicum only.   Candidates who register for the fall 2018 term FSL Part 1 course (September start date), can spend some time in a French classroom for part of the day during the fall term practicum components (6 weeks). This is only if the opportunity exists in the school in which you are placed, and will be for part of a day, not a full practicum.

FSL Part 1 is the only AQ course that can be taken while enrolled in a B.Ed. program; all others must be taken after you graduate and are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.

To receive a potential French placement you must indicate your intention to register in FSL Part 1 to the Practicum Office by 30 March, through online Practicum registration, and register for the fall term session of FSL Part 1 through Continuing Teacher Education (CTE) at Queen’s by 17 August. FSL Part 1 is an online course that is in addition to your B.Ed. course load, and has a separate course fee.  

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability for which you need academic accommodations, you will need to register with Student Wellness Services.  Please complete the registration process and submit it along with documentation of your disability to Accessibility Services: http://www.queensu.ca/studentwellness/accessibility-services/how-register-0.  If you have a learning disability or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, you will need to send your most recent psycho-educational assessment as early as possible, so that advising staff can review it in advance of your appointment.  More information on documentation requirements for these disabilities and others



With two universities and one college in Kingston, there is a huge rental market in Kingston. Our students are often able to take advantage of a summer lull in the market – grabbing great rentals quickly when they come in May.

There are many different places to find housing, including:

  • The Faculty of Education Housing Board – intended for teacher candidates. It lists short-term accommodation rentals, where the arrangement is by the week or block. If you are hoping to do your placements outside of Kingston, this may be the best option for you.
  • Queen’s Community Housing – offers leases for University owned rentals, and offers an Accommodation Listing Service which advertises local rental units for students.
  • Main Campus residence rooms are available to book for the summer term through Event Services.  The walk from main campus to the Faculty of Education at west campus takes between 15-20 minutes or you can take a 3 minute bus ride or 5 minute bike ride.
  •  Queen’s University Off-Campus Housing Facebook Group – Find roommates or a sublease on this group.
  • Kijiji often has many rental properties posted. 
Faculty Tours

We offer tours of Duncan McArthur Hall, home to the Faculty of Education. Please contact us if you are interested, at educstudentservices@queensu.ca or 613-533-6205. Staff from Student Services are available to answer any questions you may have about the program, Queen’s and Kingston.

Duncan McArthur Hall is an integrated educational complex that provides teaching and learning facilities, support services, and administrative offices under one roof.

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If you are considering making a request to defer your offer of admission, please review the Consecutive Education Program Deferral Policy.