Ikeoluwapo Baruwa is a graduate student at the Faculty of Education studying his PhD.

Ikeoluwapo Baruwa smiles in a hallway. There is a black outline with red, yellow, and green arrows overlayed on the right side.What are you researching?

My research explores the moral dimension of intellectual virtues in university education. It aims to interrogate the controversy around the purpose of higher education in the 21st century and the debates arising from questions about whether university education should focus on preparing students for the workforce, helping them to become good citizens, or developing learners' critical thinking skills and intellectual virtues. The overarching goal is to explore these questions in the context of what the aims of university education should be, particularly regarding the moral dimension of educating and raising good learners and thinkers. Considering my roots, the research also explores the interconnection of intellectual virtues and African philosophy. Being an African is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, you know!

What impact are you hoping your research has?

What more impact can I ask for if my research has no value in the lives of others? I believe the goal is that my research be of existential value to faculty members, staff, students, policymakers, and other stakeholders involved in higher education, regardless of gender, race, and identity.

What do you hope to do once you finish your PhD?

This is a very interesting question! I am such a confused being, as one who lacks direction; perhaps I do not lack it. During my master’s program in Nigeria, I was asked similar questions. I will ensure I do not fall to the same prey, given the unforeseen. In response to your question, I would have easily responded that I prefer pursuing another PhD or postdoc, owing to my passion for self-building. On another account, I would have taken a pause and reflected on the words of my brother, who questioned the seemingly unending journey of acquiring a PhD and the politics surrounding landing a tenure-track appointment, which is the run-to answer of every PhD student and candidate. In all sincerity, whether finding myself in industry or academia, the focus is to bridge the gap between Nigeria (and Africa) and Canada with the hope of raising young intellectuals like me, especially in the field of philosophy and history of education. This is what I have invested my time in as a research fellow, teaching fellow, occupational health and safety officer, managing editor, and doctoral student, and I will continue to do so!

Ẹṣẹ́ pupọ̀ (Thank you so much)!!