Mona Haidar smiles in front of a white wall, she wears a white scarf around her head.

Meet Mona and learn about her professional journey and experience in the PME program!

I began the PME program in September 2020 in the Classroom Specialist concentration. I currently teach in Calgary, Alberta, and, after 23 years in the classroom, have recently taken on the Learning Support Teacher and Curriculum Co-ordinator role at my school. I am passionate about building critical and creative thinking into the classroom through Concept-Based curriculum design.

My advice for new students would be to focus on having a growth mindset; there are so many opportunities to grow and learn within the courses and from the amazing professors. The professors within the PME program are a wealth of knowledge and extremely supportive; do not be afraid to reach out to them and to your class peers. The best part of the program is the collective learning community that is built into each course; everyone is truly supportive and rooting for your success.

Professionally, my goals are to finish the book about practical classroom strategies that I have started and, when I have completed my PME degree, hopefully, work with new teachers in an education program.

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