Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Stefan Merchant

PhD in Education

Major Field

Assessment and Evaluation


Dr. Don Klinger

Research Interests

My research interests include the assessment of non-cognitive skills and also large scale assessments. In particular, I am curious to know how teachers define and assess constructs such as self-regulation, organization, and collaboration.


I have taught four courses as a graduate teaching fellow.  They are:  EDST 410 (Classroom assessment practices for elementary and secondary), EDST 210 (Theories of classroom assessment), FOCI 210 (Applications of classroom assessment), PROF 191 (Secondary teaching practice), and PROF 411 (Theory and Professional Practice).


Research Projects

My current research projects include how Ontario secondary teachers assess learning skills and work habits, a reliability analysis of EQAO scores using G-theory, an investigation into how Ontario secondary English teachers approach applied level classes, a case study on how principles of collaboration are used in developmental program evaluations, and also an analysis of assessment tools for surgical residents. Prior research projects include evaluation of university faculty members, measures of student engagement for undergraduate students, an analysis of admissions statistics for a B.Ed. program, and a cross-Canada survey of what non-cognitive skills are assessed by teachers in different educational jurisdictions.

Conference Presentations

CSSE 2017 (upcoming), CREATE 2016, CSSE 2016, ITC 2016, AAIE 2016, CSSE 2015, RBJSE 2015, Kelly Conference 2015, RBJSE 2014, CSSE 2014 and ITC 2014.