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Faculty of Education

Room Reservations

Queen's University Interim Policy on the Booking, Use and Cancellation of Bookings in University Space

Internal Bookings 

  • Meeting Rooms: Both the Vernon Ready Room (VRR; A115) and the Mezzanine Conference Room (B245h) can be booked using Outlook Calendar. See below for instructions*
  • Ad Hoc Bookings: Classrooms, Student Street and other rooms for most internal events can be booked through the Room Booking Form
    For room numbers and locations, please consult the Duncan McArthur Hall map

*Meeting Room Booking Instructions:

To book the VRR** and Mezzanine Conference Room*** using your Outlook calendar, do the following:

a) Within Outlook open the Calendar tab in the bottom left, right click on My Calendars in the left-side panel, click Add Calendar > From Room List. Then select EDUC VRR, and EDUC Mezzanine Conference Room B245h.

b) Now you can view these calendars to see availability. To book a meeting, select the room you want to book, click on "New Meeting" at the top left-hand corner, select “New Meeting With All”, fill in all relevant information and hit "send". You will receive an email showing that you have a tentative booking. For the VRR you will now have the time booked (even though it says pending). For the Mezzanine Conference Room the request will be forwarded to Continuing Teacher Education (CTE) for approval and then you will receive an email confirming your booking. If you need to edit a VRR booking you can contact Edhelp.

Additional Meeting Room Notes:

**The Vernon Ready Room (VRR; A115) is a large board room located in A-wing that is used for Faculty Board and other Faculty meetings.

***The Mezzanine Conference Room, B245h (8 people), has teleconference and video conference systems and is available for meetings.


External Bookings

Non-academic and ad hoc bookings and events (External to Education)

For all activities that are external to the Faculty of Education, please book space through Room Reservations.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Club meetings and events
  • Conferences
  • Guest lectures and performances

To rent the Duncan McArthur Hall gymnasium for activities external to Education please book through Queen’s University Athletics & Recreation

Every effort is made to accommodate all booking requests, however academic courses and related activities take priority.