Climate Change Teaching Resources

The Existential Toolkit

With feelings of climate anxiety and eco-grief on the rise, educators across disciplines need resources to help students develop the emotional resilience to stay engaged in the work of climate justice. This toolkit helps educators and students navigate the long emergency ahead without becoming overwhelmed by despair. The resources in this project have been crowdsourced from an international community of scholars, educators, and climate justice leaders focused on addressing the emotional impact of climate disruption. 

The Existential Toolkit

Ontario Society for Environmental Education

The Ontario Society for Environmental Education (OSEE, pronounced “oh see”) is a Subject Association for all educators, both formal and non-formal who are interested in integrating environmental topics into their teaching practice.

OSSE website

Crazy Uncle Game

The Cranky Uncle game uses cartoons and critical thinking to fight misinformation. The game was developed by George Mason University scientist John Cook, in collaboration with creative agency Autonomy.

Link to Crazy Uncle game