A Message from the Editorial Team

Looking across the topics in this issue of Research in a Nutshell (RiaN), reflexivity—the examination of our thinking and actions—is the theme that rings clear. Too often decisions about teaching and learning have been made without examination of the matters we take for granted. The research presented in this issue of RiaN calls us to reflect on how early childhood math educators and teachers are supported in their practice, how fairness in classroom assessment is conceptualized, how teaching and learning are linked to place, and how communication is central to effective classrooms. Evidence-informed direction for these matters is provided by four graduate student researchers from the Queen’s Faculty of Education: Andrew Coombs, Amir Rasooli, Rebecca Stroud Stasel, and Cindy Xing.


Clarissa de Leon, Stephen MacGregor, and Chris Suppa (RiaN@queensu.ca)

RiaN 3(2), Winter 2019 (PDF 225 KB)

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