A Message from the Editors:

This issue of Research in a Nutshell (RiaN) marks a promising step forward for the publication. We have expanded the previously empirical-only focus of RiaN to showcase how education research can complement and be complemented by other ways of knowing. Being evidence-informed means engaging with the full constellation of different types of evidence that can inform your practice. In this issue, our contributors offer guidance on the topics of assessment, Problem Based Learning as a professional learning model, as well as Indian day and residential schools in Canada. As with past issues, our hope for these snapshots is that you will be inspired to engage with the content as well as the contributors.

Sincerely, Stephen MacGregor, Lindsay Mainhood, and Sofia Melendez (RiaN@queensu.ca)

RiaN 4(3), Summer 2020 (PDF 252 KB)

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