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Ramadan Greetings!

By: Hassina Alizaicovers of books recommended in text below

Ramadan is expected to begin on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. In this holy month, Muslims embark upon a month-long spiritual journey of fasting, prayer, acts of kindness and reflection to commemorate the revealing of the Qu’ran to the Prophet Muhammad. Fasting is one of the five fundamental pillars in Islam.

This is the second Ramadan that Muslims gear up for fasting under the lockdown conditions. The social gathering once again will be muted, with no large congregational prayers and no gathering of friends and families to break their fasts together. You can help assure that COVID-19 will not dim the Ramadan lights, and here’s how you can support Muslim students’ well-being and learning:

  • Flexibility: Be flexible with scheduling; avoid early morning online ‘real-time’ instruction and meetings, if possible.
  • Archive lectures (Muslims perform the daily prayers at fixed intervals)    
  • Connect and Support: check-in with your students about their workloads. Ask how their fasting is going or if they require accommodation.
  • Organize panel discussions and educational opportunities that open up for discussion about Islam and Muslims
  • Invite guest speakers


Ramadan resources for educators and Muslim parents:

Web Resources:

Some texts about Ramadan:

We wish all those observing this holy month a blessed Ramadan.


Hassina Alizai is a PhD candidate within the field of social justice and inclusion at Queen’s University. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) who holds a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on critical policy, equity and leadership. She was raised in London, Ontario, where she completed both her undergraduate and Master's degree at Western University. Hassina’s doctoral research (in progress) examines the experiences of Muslim teacher candidates in Canadian teacher education programs, focusing both on practices that enact and those that disrupt Islamophobia. She is privileged to be working under the supervision of Dr. Lee Airton.