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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Personal Statement of Experience (PSE)

Personal qualities and experiences are vitally important to the successful educator. Accordingly, we weigh your Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) - a brief two-question supplemental document - equally with your academic qualifications.

After you have submitted your application through the Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS), you will receive an e-mail from us (educstudentservices@queensu.ca) giving you instructions regarding how to submit your Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) online, after 1 November, through MyQueensU Portal/SOLUS. Paper, email, and/or fax submissions are not accepted.

We suggest that you start preparing your Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) before you are ready to apply. It must be prepared in your own words, without professional assistance, and we recommend that you use a text editing program (such as Microsoft Notepad) so that it will copy into the online form without extraneous coding. Please note you will be timed out of your online session if you have spent more than 30 consecutive minutes on any one page without navigating to another page.

The questions you will be asked online are:

Question 1: Create a chart  including headings for experience, location, dates, age groups, estimated hours and nature of responsibilities. List up to 5 activities or jobs (paid or unpaid) that you have been involved in, including the positions held. Activities are valued equally and may include but are not limited to the arts, athletics, hobbies, volunteer, religious, social, farm, and/or household responsibilities. The maximum number of words in each field is approximately 30 words or 200 characters with spaces. See: sample chart.

Question 2: Explain what you have learned from your list of experiences that will help you as a future educator. Use paragraphs and full sentences, and approximately 500 words or 3,400 characters with spaces. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills.

Referees: On the online Personal Statement of Experience (PSE), please provide the name and contact information of an individual not related to you (employer, supervisor, etc.) who can attest to your skills or experience in at least some of the areas you have listed. Your referee may be contacted to verify your statement. Letters of reference are not requested and will not be read.

 If you have questions or for contact information, including mailing address, please see Student Services.