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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Practicum Forms 2019

Starting in the Summer 2019 term, during the assessment process you will be asked the following additional information to eliminate the need for completing a separate ‘online Honoraria Request form’. This information will not show up on any assessment but will be used in the background for honoraria purposes.

  • OCT number
  • Whether you shared mentorship duties with another teacher(s)
  • If yes, the percentage of the day, the candidate worked with you specifically (including prep time) and,
  • If yes, the name(s) of the other teachers who mentored the candidate

Please Note you will require the UserName and Password provided to you in an email.

Please click on the appropriate assessment.

Interim Formative Report (mid-practicum assessment)

Full Summative Assessment (completed at the end of the practicum)

Honoraria Request (see paragraph above for new procedure)