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Primary-Junior French as a Second Language

Starting in 2022

Primary-Junior French as a Second Language (PJ FSL) is designed for teacher candidates that are interested in the teaching French Immersion. Teachers have the important role of being a French-language model for their students and the disseminator of information about French-speaking cultures. Often FSL teachers are the students’ first contact with the French language. It is essential that French be the language of communication in all classroom interactions so that students receive constant exposure to the language in a variety of situations.

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  • It is offered to Concurrent Education students in their final year as well as Consecutive Education teacher candidates.
  • For Primary-Junior teacher candidates only.
  • 4 successive terms, starting in May and ending in August the following year. Queen's graduates are out into the job market early.
  • Teacher candidates in this program prepare to teach in French Immersion and Core French programs in Ontario schools.
  • By developing a critical understanding of and sensitivity to linguistic variation, teacher candidates prepare to teach students of diverse linguistic and social backgrounds.
  • Teacher candidates in PJ FSL will complete 21 weeks of placement, at least 3 of which are in French (Immersion, Extended, or Core), and 3 of which can be done outside a school setting and anywhere in the world as long as it is related to the program (Alternative Practicum).
  • Travel fellowships support education-related travel outside Canada such as for alternative practicum placements.

Courses & Practicum

This program includes a concentration in PJ FSL that comprises of two complementary courses: an Educational Studies (EDST) course and a Program Focus (FOCI) course. As well, the 3-week alternative practicum is an experience that is directly related to the area, and is approved by the FOCI instructor.

Regular practicum placements mean that you will work alongside other education professionals in classrooms for 21 weeks: one component in the first summer (3 weeks); two components in the fall (3 weeks and 4 weeks); one component in the winter term (4 weeks) followed by an alternative practicum (3 weeks); and one component in the second summer (4 weeks).

Candidates in the PJ FSL program will be placed for at least one practicum component in French (Immersion, Extended, or Core)

For the 3 week alternative practicum, PJ FSL teacher candidates are required to complete an alternative practicum that is in a non-traditional setting. You can do the alternative practicum anywhere in the world as long as it is related to your program. There are travel fellowships available that can help you get there. 

Admission Requirements

Selection of Consecutive Education teacher candidates is based on the application requirements in the TEAS Requirements for Queen's as well as the supplemental documents submitted to Student Services. See How to Apply.

Selection of Concurrent Education teacher candidates is based on the application made in December of year 4 (supplemental documents).

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