Headshots of Lee Airton, Jodi Basch, Phoebe Feiyang Gao, Holly Ogden, and Sunaira Tejpar on a navy blue background.

Professors, TAs and staff members play strong roles in supporting and advancing student mental health. The Champions for Mental Health program is a student-led initiative, responding to both student feedback and clear research calling for increased mental health promotion in academic and other campus environments. 

The Faculty of Education was thrilled to have five of our community members recognized among the sixty that were nominated this year. Both Holly Ogden and Jodi Basch are also receiving a second recognition - making them recurring superstar champions. 

  • Lee Airton - "In my experience as a student, I have never met a course instructor who is as committed as Dr. Lee Airton to creating a safe and inviting classroom community."
  • Jodi Basch - "Jodi was able to foster a sense of community and togetherness in an auditorium of over 400 students. Jodi placed great emphasis on mental wellness, distinguishing it from mental illness, and offered insights into promoting resilience. She offered numerous practical strategies (with web links and guided materials) to promote."
  • Phoebe Feiyang Gao - "Phoebe stands out as being committed to supporting the wellbeing and positive mental health of both us and our mentees. In these meetings, she discusses strategies for us to better support our mentees, gives us case studies and provides feedback, and regularly has us fill out anonymous feedback forms at the end, and incorporates that feedback into our meetings."
  • Holly Ogden - "Professor Ogden has a welcoming classroom and makes it clear to us that we matter and we belong in her class. She is always helpful and happy to chat. She also promotes self-care and prioritizing mental health."
  • Sunaira Tejpar - "She helped us in understanding the importance of wellbeing and mental health for both teachers and students. She also shared useful resources that genuinely enhanced our knowledge about importance of mental health and wellbeing in inclusive classroom."
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