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Don't miss this exciting exhibit - bringing together art and research! 

Opening Exhibition on  April 15 from 1 - 2 pm, refreshments will be served

Where: Faculty of Education, Duncan McArthur Hall, Room A101
When: April 16-19, 10 am - 3 pm 


How does multimodality play a role in your research? In your data collection? In your approach to knowledge creation and mobilization? various pieces of art created out of construction paper and pop cleaners compiled together

With the above questions we invite audiences to consider the ways in which we can engage in different forms of literacy and multimodal approaches in our research practices, to push the boundaries of what research can or should be that often result in richer data and those unexpected ‘ah ha’ moments in our research. 

The exhibition will include two components. The first will be a gallery collection of visual representations created by faculty and graduate students that they feel represent their research and/or the importance multimodal/multiliteracy approaches (examples in photo on the right). 

The second and main part of the exhibition will include three installations that demonstrate multimodal ways in which a researcher can collect data and/or mobilize findings in a more interesting, engaging, and accessible manner. The installations are designed to be interactive, and we invite audiences to take the time to gaze into the “Hope Swamp,” interact with what video games can be and look like in research, and to consider the engagement of different genres such as poetry through multimodal platforms. The exhibition invites audiences to think about alternative modes to research that can help to unveil (new) insights and complement research in a richer and more meaningful manner.  

Claire Ahn, Assistant Professor of Multiliteracies, Faculty of Education 
Mehvish Rather, PhD Candidate, Department of Film and Media 

Erin York, Faculty of Education, Manager of Communication and Marketing

Exhibition Collaborators (graduate students from Faculty of Education):
Micah Flavin, Kyle Raymond, Becca Evans, Paul Akpomuje 

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