Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education
Nathan Rickey Master of Education

Nathan Rickey

Master of Education

Research Area

Educational Assessment and Evaluation


Dr. Chris DeLuca


Nathan is working within the Classroom Assessment Research Team (CART) and the Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG). Nathan’s research focuses on how educators can leverage classroom assessment to enhance students’ learning. Drawing on self-regulated learning theories and learning analytics, he examines the cognitive and affective mechanisms of students engaged in self-assessment to support teachers in fostering lifelong learners. His hope to one day model internal self-assessment processes is informed by his work as a high school English teacher wherein he observed self-assessment's central role in empowering agentic learners.

Research Interests

  • Classroom assessment
  • Student self-assessment
  • Learning analytics
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Program evaluation


Twitter: @RickeyNathan

Statistics Teaching and Training for Students: educ.queensu.ca/aeg